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Josh Satin taken in the 6th round of the MLB Draft

Hey, a third Bear gets taken on the first day of the draft!  With the 194th overall pick, the Mets select 2B Josh Satin near the end of the 6th round.  If you scroll down to the bottom here , you can see his MLB Draft Tracker Video. 

I tried to find what the Mets bloggers were saying about this pick.  All I could find was this (scroll down):

Update [8:56]: The Mets drafted Josh Satin in the sixth round. He’s an offense-first second baseman out of UC Berkeley. He’s an intelligent guy who put it all together this year, hitting .388/.508/.745 with 18 homers. I’m not convinced he’s going to keep it up; he’s a senior, and his extra-base hit total was still on the low side. He did, however, have a strong showing in the Cape Cod League last summer, a good indicator, so he’s worth the pick. Defensively, he’s not as advanced, and he’s probably going to wind up in the outfield. Both his range and glove are a little below average.

That doesn't really relate to how the Mets bloggers view Satin's role with the Mets.  But I figured it'd be a good recap of his time at Cal.  Congratulations to Josh and all the Golden Bears drafted today!