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Tyson Ross taken in the 2nd round of the MLB Draft

Tyson Ross, who was born in Berkeley, grew up in Oakland, went to school at Cal, now gets a chance to live his dream of playing professional baseball in the East Bay, as he was taken in the 2nd round of today's MLB draft by the Oakland Athletics!

The 58th overall pick, Ross will undoubtedly leave the East Bay for one of Oakland's minor league teams, but we hope to see him here back soon!

From MLB's DraftTracker:

Ross has all the makings of a front-of-the-rotation starter, from stuff to size. He's very imposing on the mound with a fastball that runs up to the mid-90s. He's got two other pitches that work well, albeit with an upright delivery that worries some, but it's worked for him to this point.

Perhaps that's a more glowing assessment than mine, but I wouldn't disagree about his upside.

Good luck to Tyson, and...

LET'S-GO OAK-LAND!!  (*ahem* and Go Bears!)