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Because we've run out of ideas (and how!)

We present YouTube Thursday.  A random collection of YouTube videos or as I like to call it, "Filler."  Here's the dirty little secret of blogging, we all have filler.  Even EDSBShabbat (New Slogan:  The Best Sports Knowledge The Southern Jewry Has To Offer!) has its Mustache Wednesdays

Which, bee tee dubya, reminds me.  Does anybody know if EDSBShabbat has ever used 19th century German-Polish Jewish composer Moritz Moszkowski for their Mustache Wednesdays?  That dude has an uber-sweet stache.  Check it out:





Ok, enough about mustaches and the Southern Jews who love them.  Let's get to the filler!

You might have heard of this play, of no known nomenclature:

Well, if you never went to Cal, watched a sports-related clip show, and/or just traveled forward in time from a Moritz Moszkowski recital (What an unbelievable Etude, I know!), here's more "context" to the above play:

A whole 10 minute video of various Marshawn clips, both on and off the field.  It's the most amazing thing I've seen since I last looked in the mirror:


I'm not sure anybody can explain to the newer Cal fans what it felt like to win this game:

That was beyond anything ever.  Words cannot describe.  I loved how the fans stormed the field with like 11 seconds left.  And they all stormed the sides of the field much earlier, outlining the playing surface in humanity.  I've never seen anything like that before.  I could write a dissertation on that afternoon.  For all of the great successes Cal has had since then, that might be the single greatest game Tedford has ever won.

Here's something I never thought I'd see.  A Tribute To Ravens QB Kyle Boller (bee tee dubya, my wife waited on the Boller clan the night we won Big Game 2002, the restaurant comped the whole meal and they tipped her nothing........................):

Some sweet vids on Cal-USC 03:

And the clear high point of the 2007 season:

I love Dan Fouts showing more denial than Terry McAullife.  God I can't seem to find that video of the Touchback from the Oregon student section where the fans are going crazy and then the touchback happens and they immediately become quiet and you can hear somebody yelling "OH NO!!! OH MY GOD!" in the background.  Man, do I love that video.  Although swap Oregon and touchback for OSU and Riley gets tackled at goal-line and you probably have a similar Cal video.  Ai!

So, there we go.  Some delightful off-season filler.  YouTube Thursday.  Get used to it.