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YouTube Thursday : NBA Draft Edition Open Thread

Well, it's finally here. Tonight, we finally get to find out the fate of former Cal stars DeVon Hardin and Ryan Anderson, who will be picked at some point in the 2008 NBA Draft. Whether they go in the first round or not, as the both hope, we shall just have to wait and find out. Until then, we present a video tribute to Ryan and DeVon. Good luck in the pros, boys, and do us Bears proud!

Let this stand as an Open Thread for the draft tonight. Go Bears!

Edit: Ryan Anderson goes to the New Jersey Nets with the 21st overall pick.

Edit 2: Finally, DeVon Hardin goes to Seattle (Oklahoma City?) with the 50th overall pick.

First up, getting to know DeVon Hardin, via Cal Athletics:

Next up, Cal Basketball's '06-'07 highlight video, featuring a lot of sweet plays. Watching it, you wouldn't know that that season was a terrible disappointment.

The highlight video from Cal's 79-75 victory at UW in February. DeVon was home sick, unfortunately, but Ryan Anderson played a key role in pulling out the victory.

Switching it up a bit, DeVon gives an interview at Utah's pre-draft workout. Caution: when you interview tired athletes that just got off the court, you often get pretty simple answers, at least until they can catch their breath.

Ryan answer's some questions at a media day before the Stanford game in February. Having not seen a lot of this stuff before, I'm impressed with how thoughtful and articulate both DeVon and Ryan are.

OK, enough talk. Let's see some more action. First, a sweet dunk from DeVon at the San Francisco ProAm:

Ryan Anderson in a high school all-star game:

Finally, because it's awesomely redonkulous, Ryan Anderson makes a cameo in Rod Benson's music video, 'Boom Got Them DOS'. Check him at the 0:58 mark:

Hey Ragnarok, don't forget about this video (sez I, TwistNHook). It's the epic battle. Shark. VERSUS! Octopus. It's just like Alien versus Predator. But this time, God (i.e. Tedford) is the screenwriter!