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Ask Yellow Fever

Buzzmaster: We're getting Yellow Fever right now! Send in those questions!

Yellow Fever: It's been a busy week in Berkeley, and I can only wish I were there to experience the insanity first hand.  Honestly, just knowing that there's someone else in Berkeley who loves walking around with a long bo for no reason warms my black, black heart.

Mike (GA): Can Florida State finally turn the past few years around and at least compete in the ACC?

Yellow Fever: I'm going to say that a team that would have Nate Longshore as their clear-cut no. 1 quarterback is not a team that's going places.  But that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to compete in the ACC.

vin (CT): UConn had a great year last year... do you think that was a fluke or are they for real?

Yellow Fever: Fluke, mostly because I can't name a single player on their team.  And be honest, you can't either.

Charlie (Milwaukee): OSU in the title game again?

Yellow Fever: No.  I'm not one of those that hate on Ohio State for tanking in two straight national championship games, because it's not like it was their fault they were put in that position to begin with.  But there have to be two better teams in the country this year, right?

J.B. (Dunmore, PA): Penn State has seen a lot of off-field issues in the past few years that it hadn't seen as often before. Do you think this is the result of Coach Paterno recruiting more on talent and less on character due to alumi pressures to compete in the Big Ten?

Yellow Fever: I think it's a case of JoePa being too old.  Yeah.  That's all.

Bill (huntsville,al): how about the tide this year, Fever?

Yellow Fever: Let's be honest.  I wouldn't even be answering this if their coach weren't Nick Saban.

Jason (Maine): Do think another team from the WAC will follow in the footseps of hawaii and Boise state?

Yellow Fever: Sure, it's possible, but do I think it's likely?  I don't know about that.  I know everyone's got their panties in a bunch over BYU, but they lost to UCLA last year.  To Karl Dorrell.  Ask Bruins Nation to explain how a team that loses to Karl Dorrell is supposed to make it to a BCS game the next year.

dave (STL): Is Mizzou a real contender this year for the National Title or do you see them taking a step back this year?

Yellow Fever: Yeah, probably.  Any team in college football that has an outstanding quarterback is usually a contender for the national title in June.  Hell, even a nondescript ACC team with a supposed outstanding quarterback who threw 20 picks last year was a national contender as late as October.

John (CA): Who are your top 3 heisman picks?

Yellow Fever: 1) Chase Daniel, 2) Michael Crabtree, 3) Pat White.  Because God knows we're going to be seeing a lot of the clutch play, "PAT WHITE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO SOMETHING" without Steve Slaton around.

John (SC): Can Spurrier and the Gamecocks compete for an SEC title this year? QB could be a problem, but the defense could be very very good.

Yellow Fever: I think anyone reading this would be able to tell you how big of a problem the statement, "QB could be a problem" is.

Kev (NYC): What's your outlook for Jimmy Claussen and ND this year? a possible BCS bowl? If they struggle mightly (say, 4 wins) do you see Weis potentially getting fired? Thanks!

Yellow Fever: The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Lane (Kukuihaele, HI): How many wins will SMU have? June Jones- National Coach of the Year?

Yellow Fever: Wow.  I don't know how anyone can type that with a straight face.  Or maybe that's what happens when you live in Hawaii.  Mass delirium.

CC (Atlanta): Fill in the blank: Vol fans will be screaming for Fulmer's head no later than week # __________.

Yellow Fever: If they lose to UCLA.  Really, I mean, you can read all about how UCLA is going to roll over and die if you know where to look.

J.B. (Dunmore, PA): With Rich Rodriguez entering the league and Penn State possibly going back to the spread offense, can the Big Ten get back to competing with the likes of the SEC and PAC-10?

Yellow Fever: Well, let's see.  Ohio State is Ohio State, and there's no need to write any more about them.  Michigan is going through a transitional year under Coach Rod that everyone's basically writing off, so I might as well do the same.  JoePa is old.  Illinois lost their best offensive player.  I have no idea who's on Wisconsin.  Purdue supposedly has a great QB coming back, but that didn't work out so hot the last time that was the case.  (Kyle Orton.)  And Michigan State is, of course, on schedule to get throttled by our Golden Bears.

So no.  The answer is no.

Steve (Ny): Is Sam Bradford a Heisman canitdate?

Yellow Fever: Yes.

Kev (NYC): Bigger regret: Rich Rodriguez leaving for Michigan or WVU for letting RRod leave?

Yellow Fever: Usually when one side sues the other because they breached a contract, they didn't really "let" anything happen.

Kev (NYC): 1. SEC 2. Pac10 3. Big 12 4. Big East 5. Big 10...How'd I do?

Yellow Fever: STFU.

Bill (huntsville,al): who would you rather have as a head Coach, Saben or Tubberville??

Yellow Fever: I know I've asked this before, but is English a core requirement at SEC schools?  Please, someone tell me.

Justin (Lubbock, TX): Will Texas Tech make it to a BCS bowl this year?

Yellow Fever: I have to admit Texas Tech is one of the few non-Pac-10 teams that I'd get really excited about seeing in a BCS game, because great offense tends to be much more fun than great defense.  That said, I'm not sure what would make this year any different from previous years.  Colt McCoy is still around (Right?  Right?  I haven't heard about this guy in a while) at Texas, and Sam Bradford's at Oklahoma.  Doesn't Texas Tech always lose to at least one of them each year?

Kelso (Irvine, CA): I think Kansas will be lucky to win 6 games in 2008, last year's schedule was too easy. Your thoughts?

Yellow Fever: I think that depends on how many cupcakes Mark Mangino has lined up.



Jeremy (NJ): Hey Fever...a lot of rumors that when Paterno is done, Schiano will leave RU to go to Happy Valley. Any validity to those rumors?

Yellow Fever: As a New Jersey native, I hope not, even though Stewart Mandel thinks it will happen.  But I just don't see him leaving Rutgers if only because of the status he's already attained.  He's at post-2004 Tedford levels in terms of adulation in New Jersey because of what he's done, and giving that up if only to move to a school with more name recognition seems a bit shortsighted.

Then again, that's exactly what Coach Rod did, so you never know.

ryan(melrose,ma): Does Tommy Bowden lose his job if Clemson doesn't win the acc title,Beano?

Yellow Fever: The only Clemson alum I care about is Brian Dawkins.

Alan (Indianapolis): With this being Tiller's last year at Purdue and Painter's senior year at QB, do you think that will rally the Boilermakers to come out like gangbusters and be a darkhorse in the Big Ten?

Yellow Fever: In each one of these chats, I encounter a question where I know so little about the team involved that I can't come up with a snarky response.  This is that question.

Jeremy (NJ): Kansas State had some big years in the early 2000's, but they seem to be slipping the past few years. Is a return to national prominence anywhere in the near future?

Yellow Fever: They probably need to go back to Bill Snyder's cupcake-laden scheduling strategy, but the short answer is no.  Unless they plan on finding the next Ell Roberson somewhere.

nags, big apple: Who will retire first, Fever or JoePa?

Yellow Fever: As upwardly mobile as I am on my current career track, I don't see myself retiring in the next three years.

Ken, CA: Now that we don't have tiger to watch, can we get the NCAA to start the football season sooner?

Yellow Fever: You know, I watched the end of the U.S. Open, and while it was dramatic, it's amazing to me how anyone can watch golf on a regular basis.  It's like billiards, with walking.

Mark (Bham, AL): Who do you see playing in Atlanta to be the SEC Champ?

Yellow Fever: Georgia against Florida.  I guess.  Are they in the same division?  Whatever.

Dave (Chicago): Fever, admit it, you're a better coach than Charlie Weis.

Yellow Fever: Ok, you got me.  I am.

Steve (Ohio): Will Butch Davis take UNC to a bowl game this year?

Yellow Fever: Doesn't everyone make it to a bowl game?  If the Central Michigan Chippewas are bowl bound every year, it seems hard to imagine Butch Davis not making it to one, even if he is at UNC.

glenn (Morris Plains): With Appy State's upset and the trend of lower BCS/High Non BCS schools taking on and beating the big boys and the trend of schools stepping up in class (normally stupidly) do you see the 2 subdivisions merging in 10 years?

Yellow Fever: No.  Why, you want 100 bowl games or something?

Steve (Ny): Favorite College player right now?

Yellow Fever: Alex Mack.  I mean, how often is it you see an offensive lineman who can do a split?  I did a split once ten years ago, my groin was sore for the next three days, and I've never come close again.  So to know there's a 300+ guy who can do it for the hell of it, that's impressive.  And of course, Bruce Feldman likes him too, so it's always nice to get that validation.

Ken (Tarzana, Ca): Hey Fever, who screwed up and and scheduled a tough non-conference road game for Georgia?

Yellow Fever: Whomever it was, he's probably fired.

Adam (San Diego): Fever, the Big Ten will have games after Thanksgiving on a regular basis going forward. Um, have you ever been to Michigan in late November? COLD!

Yellow Fever: Adam, I'm not sure if you know this, but there's a NFL team in Detroit that plays games past late November.  So it's not impossible.  But then again, you're from San Diego, so you probably think anything below 70 in December is cold.

H.F. (Atlanta, GA): Since you knew both Lincoln and Jefferson, who was the best President? And which of the Service Academies will have the best team this year?

Yellow Fever: Navy?  Beats me.

CC (Atlanta): No Fever, the guy who scheduled AZ State is the new AD. He also scheduled future homes & homes w/ Colorado and Lousiville.

Yellow Fever: Kudos to a SEC team realizing that the United States extends further west than the Mississippi.

Dan (Madison, WI): Why is Michigan State playing Cal on the road? They already have a tougher name school in Notre Dame every year. Are the Spartans crazy?

Yellow Fever: I realize TVs probably haven't made their way to Wisconsin yet, but Notre Dame lost 9 games last year.  Cal was as high as #2 in the country.  Maybe you can get someone to confirm this for you via telegraph tomorrow.

Ted (Chicago,IL): Can Tom O'Brien get NC State above .500 record this year,Fever?

Yellow Fever: No.

Joe (NY): If you could get rid of one bowl game what would it be?

Yellow Fever: The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.  Is that still around?  I mean, that name is just ridiculous.

Bill (huntsville,al): Clemson VS Alabama is that the first game of the season?


Jeremy (NJ): Quit ripping on PSU's non-conference schedule, they play Syracuse and Oregon State this year! (note the sarcasm)

Yellow Fever: AND THIS GUY

Matt ('Bama): Is the Rose Bowl killing college football or should we kindly ask the Big 10 and Pac-10 to leave? Sincerely, everybody else.

Yellow Fever: While I think a playoff would be a good idea, I don't think it has to be at the expense of the Rose Bowl.  And clearly, asking the Big 10 and Pac-10 to leave would be counterproductive because that wouldn't solve the problem of determining a true national champion.

But then, I'm trying to reason with someone who hasn't thought this out, so I might as well stop while I'm ahead.  (Which is always!  *SWISH*)

Yellow Fever: Thanks for coming.  Hopefully I can get some questions on DumpyMuff next time.