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Let's Not Say Things We Can't Take Back Now

Things are starting to calm down here at Calsylvania.  We all woke up this morning with the uninhibited glee of a Christmas morning.  Then, we got coal in our stocking for like 36 of the least productive hours of our life.  Things got a bit wacky in the open threads near the end of the workday as it appeared nothing might be emerging.

Then, it went South fast.  NBC was reporting this.  ABC was reporting that.  Rumors of people having read the opinion were rampant.  Tree-sitters were cheering.    And we all took it at face value, even though it seemingly came all from that PHA guys wild and crazy imagination (the project is about as dead as the ironic mustache in "certain coffeeshops in the Mission").  All seemed lost.  Texts, calls, emails and carrier pigeons of despair were flying about.  Then, we started to read it.  And read it.  And read it.  Things didn't seem so bad all of a sudden.  Looking past the shallow veneer of the Carolyn Jones and PHA Dudes of the world, Cal was maybe rocking out with a wide variety of its appendages out.  Maybe.

That's where we are now.  Danzig has been helpfully posting his thoughts and analysis in helpfully titled sections like Biological Impact, Native American burial site, and Hippies Deserve Swift Kicks To The Behind.  And OakTownMario is working on his own level of analysis, which should hopefully be good.  And I'm working on figuring out a series of Married....With Children references to tie in to this whole thing.  Right now, I'm thinking of calling the tree-sitter's God Pod "Wanker County."  I'll work on that, don't worry.  Don't worry.  I've got a whole NO MA'AM thing ready to go.  I said don't worry!  So, stop worrying!

Plus, (plus!  there's more!) CBKWit was at the grove today in the afternoon and has photos and stories.  Ragnarok was/is out at the grove tonight and will have some information on how things were when the ruling was announced and what happened afterwards.  When I called him on the phone, he said he was two feet away from the PHA guy.  Scary!  Will he lives to tell the tales?  Or will he be crushed under a cubic ton of spin. 

Many people might think that this is the end, but it's just the start.  A whole lot of content is on its way around here, so don't change the channel.  But hey, feel free to relax, rest up, and put that one hand down your pants.  You worked hard selling women's shoes today, you deserve it.

[Edit by Ragnarok:  Big thanks to Ken Crawford , who put the ruling together in a PDF (found here:  StadiumRuling ) so we don't have to tediously click through all 129 TIFF files...]