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Battle for the oaks: Hippies strike back

You didn't think the hippies would let all that planning go to waste, did you?


Twist and I leave them alone for 48 hours, and look what happens. They come back in even greater numbers and wage an ingenious counter-strike on UCPD and the arborists. And by counter-strike, I mean they stood around and ate outside of the the two fences and row of police officers. (By the way, "arborists" are also known as "tree surgeons". Thanks Wikipedia!)


Yes, it's clear the police are extremely threatened by the subdued, hungry hippies. Note the cop sitting on the stone wall.

Things picked up a bit when a woman in the trees started shrieking. I couldn't see what was happening in the tree, so I can't say what was going on. God only know what happens between arborists and hippies in the oak canopy. Regardless, the hippie warriors rushed to her defense.

Or gathered at the fence and started yelling sliiiiightly exaggerated insults at the cops. I quote Runnie Dub (said to a female cop): "As a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself. Madeline Albright! Adolf Hillary!" Apparently Runnie Dub is a Ron Paul man.


Standing behind the crowd, the martial artist/mask maker, (our favorite hippie with 48% of the vote at press time) shouted encouragement to the woman: "Wooooo! The goddess Dgafdlj is pleased with your work."

At this point, I had not yet seen the martial artist. I turned around and, well, I think the picture speaks for itself.


True Ninjas always wear North Face Backpacks

I guess the other 3 hippies who wanted long bos stayed at home, because Martial Artist was definitely the only person walking around with a 6 foot staff. I suppose the long bo strategy would be effective with an organized, highly trained group. When there's one guy walking around with a cloak and a bamboo stick, it is simply hilarious.


Martial Artist discusses long bo technique with a disciple.

Elsewhere, other supporters used different tools to wage the battle



Guitars: the hippie Rolex.

There was a commotion down the road and an audacious hippie shouted an order: "Everyone move over here!" A few sheep started to follow, but immediately a veteran hippie voiced his disapproval: "Why?" It's tough to lead a pack when everyone is highly suspicious of authority.

The arborists, meanwhile, continued unabated with the task at hand, disabling the the structures in the trees.

The protesters response? Spontaneous animal sounds. Someone started making monkey like cries and within 10 seconds, most of the crowd had chimed in. I am not making this up.



Another protester complained about this cop with a video camera.

At first I thought he was just making a recording to show his kids or jealous cops from Detroit ("I fight gangs in a decrepit city while you deal with some guy with a piece of bamboo"), but he was probably trying to get footage of the protesters. One of them told me that this is a 1st amendment violation. Successful lawyers (sorry Twist), what say you?


As the confrontation died down (its height: some raised voices and a few F bombs), opposing forces found time to discuss their differences.

The fake afro was an odd choice, but at least she wasn't afraid to get her picture taken. HydroTech, on the other hand, requested that his identity be kept secret, and I have the photoshop skills of a 1st grader.


Runnie Dub wandered off and said "marshmallow" to nothing in particular. Maybe he has a dog. Actually, I just thought of a great poll idea.


Nearby, one hippie was bragging to another about doing time: "It was the first time I've been to jail in California." He was using it as a badge of honor, sort of like college kids do with drugs or alcohol. I'm no better; the first only time I experimented (but did not inhale!) medical substances, I called my mom. "That's great, CBKWit," she said.

Finally, Martial Artist was busy preparing for tomorrow


I heard him discuss plans of "costumes and armor" for the big showdown tomorrow (Wednesday). In other words, I CANNOT WAIT to see what happens. In the meantime...


Save the Oaks! (And defeat capitalism, if you've got a minute).