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Ryan Anderson Open Thread

Edit:  Good luck, Ryan Anderson.   Hopefully, this doesn't portend what Wednesday's decision will be.

This week is a big week.  Two big turning points for each Cal football and men's basketball.  On Wednesday, Cal will find out the ruling in the Memorial Stadium Court case. 

But first, we find out whether Ryan Anderson will decide to stay in the draft or come back to Cal.  Mike Montgomery came to Cal, because he thought that with Ryan Anderson on the team, they could make a solid run in the post-season.  At the Coaches Tour in May, he said his biggest recruit would be Ryan Anderson.  And now we'll find out whether Montgomery's hopes and efforts paid dividends. 

This open thread is not only for people to post their own personal speculation and/or the speculation of major/minor basketball personalities, but also any concrete news on the decision.  Like, yknow, the decision.  I'm nervous, people!  Totes nervous!  Totes nervous for realz yo!

If Ryan decides to come back to Cal, this is certainly great news for the men's basketball team going forward.  And if Ryan decides to stay in the draft and follow his dream, good luck to him!  Either way, GO BEARS!



"Come back, Ryan!  Come back!"