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YouTube Thursday Filler Week 2 Leon Powe Edition

I think that with two huge decisions (Judge and Anderson) coming down next week, we should have a lot of non-filler material coming in.  But hey for now, let's look at Big 4-4, Leon Powe!  Now, he is Big 0.  Helping evil win.  Oh well, you can't pick which team drafted him (which technically was the Nugs, IIRC).  And he's doing a great job, even with Doc Rivers yanking his playing time around.

Let's get this party started with this sweet dunk:

Now that this party has been started, here's a video interview with Powe after that Oregon game in the 2006 Pac10 Tourney.  God, that was such a SICK game.  Oregon kept hitting every huge shot, but Cal hit their FTs (esp. Ubaka). 

A sweet Celtics block:

The Finals halftime production:

Game 2 highlight video:

Another interview with Powe:

Alley Oop dunk in high school wherein Powe looks to be playing Lilliputian High:

And finally, nothing Da Showe-related.  This is the Cal dance team's version of that incredibly sweet Call On Me Video by Eric Prydez.  Make sure your wife and/or girlfriend is out of the room first.  If you haven't seen the music video already, GO SEE IT.  Here's Cal's version: