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Cal v. LBSU Open Thread

Rough day yesterday.  Cal ran into the buzzsaw known as Matusz.  :(!  Now, they have a long road to hoe.  Hopefully, they have a lot of experience hoeing roads.  Lord knows I do.  I've hoed so many roads, I can't keep track.  All hoes and roads kinda blur together for me.  If Cal baseball want any tips on either hoeing or roads, I would be the man to call. 

Long Beach State lost to FSU, 7-3 yesterday.  So, now Cal has to face LBSU.  It is do or die.  The game is on today at 2 PM.  There appears to be two ways to follow the game.

Either follow the gametracker at the Cal baseball website, found here.  Or listen to it on KALX Radio 90.7.  If you are not in the Berkeley area (or are, but hated the movie Radio so much you vowed never to own one), you can listen to it online.  They have a series of different methods to stream the feed.

I'll try to do some modicum of live-blogging, but my wife returns later tonight and I have like 2 weeks worth of cleaning to do in 5 hours.  Man do I have a long road to hoe!  GO BEARS!