DLD: Do Bears like dumping?

At "Athletics Nation" a great SNB site devoted to the Oakland A's, the community there posts a "Daily Link Dump" or "DLD"  where news concerning the team, players, front office, etc. are linked.  It's great if you want to link some articles but don't necessarily want to write at length about an issue.  It also allows anyone to add a link about whatever topic they want people to know about.

So I thought I'd throw this out as an idea.  There are no rules really as people link random stuff as well as stuff about the team, but generally people stay focused on the team or happenings that affect competitors.  It'd be nice to go here first for all our teams' news. So here goes the CGB first link dump.  I guess we'll find out if Bears like to dump. Dump away!

Men's basketball has released it's 2008-2009 schedule.  Nothing really impressive but I guess this is more likely Braun's schedule than Montgomery's.

There's a story at the CC Times about Ryan Anderson and how "he's excited to play" for Montgomery.  The quote is odd since it discusses his pre-draft NBA plans.

Cal women's tennis defeated Baylor and is into the NCAA Finals for the first time in program history.  Congrats women, and good luck bringing another championship to Cal.


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