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A Whole New World!


"And then Marshawn unleashed quite a stiff arm on that Djinn!  Knocked him right back into the lamp!"

I think Aladdin put it best when he said "I present.....SIMBA!"  But that's not really all that relevant right now.  What is more relevant are these lyrics from that one song that makes every junior high school band director's heart a flutter (no, not Bolero ):

"A whole new world
That's where we'll be
A thrilling chase
A wondrous place
For you and me"

The day is finally here, people!  Fancy new digs.  A wondrous place.  A whole new world!  For you and me.  You being anybody smart enough to operate a computer.  And me being the California Golden Blogs team. 

On behalf of the California Golden Blogs, we want to welcome you to our whole new world.  Our team consists of five (5!) people.  We're kind of like a boy band.

TwistNHook (me!):  I'm the gorgeous one whose amazing hair and high wattage smile hide my deep shame:  illiteracy.  And if you've ever read a post of mine or seen a photo of me, you'd know that's half true.

HydroTech: The naively political one, who demands we sing at least one song decrying the terrible situation in the Austrian-Hungary Empire.  Continues to show growing concern about the health of archduke Franz Ferdinand.   

Yellow Fever:  The Justin Timberlake of the group, he just can't WAIT to get out of here and start his own career.  He's already guested on a half dozen other blogs and doesn't hide his contempt for the rest of us.  Makes CBKWit carry his dog.

Ragnarok:  The buff one, he likes to parade around in tank tops and Zubaz spandex.  We all mock him to his face about it, but secretly wish we were as buff, tanned, and goateed.  Well, actually, we'll steer clear of that ugly goatee, thank you very much.

CBKWit:  He's the one who is like 8 years older than all the rest.  Nobody knows why he's allowed in the band.  Maybe it has something to do with that damnable dog of Yellow Fever.

I'm sure all of the writers will take turns introducing themselves with as much information as they feel comfortable.  Trying to avoid getting dooced here.

Ragnarok informs me that I'm wasting too much of your time on inane asides about late-90s boybands and Disney Movies, the very sort of content that probably doesn't appeal to college sports fans.  I "informed" him that he really needs to stop with the fanny pack.  For realz, yo.  But, OK, daaaaaaad, if I can take a moment to look away from a mirror (and I'm not sure I can), I'll get to the nitty gritty of what SBN has to offer!

What's most important is that *you* are here.  In the old digs, we were the drivers of content.  If you had something to say (and I'm sure you did), you could only comment on a pre-existing post.  But now, you can start your own posts on the right there.

Let's say you believe that Nate Longshore did not play football as well as one might have hoped for in the latter half of the 2007 season.  A controversial thesis, yes.  Now, if you want to write a long screed about how much you hate Longshore, that is what the FanPosts are for.  And if you want to save time by just posting up a photo of Longshore throwing a 4th quarter interception, instead, then, that is what the FanShots are for.  Either way, a  winner is you!  And a loser is Cal.  *sobs*

Speak your mind!  But remember, we are trying to build a strong community here.  Trying to show the Buzz Bissingers and Mark Cubans of the world that bloggers are not dumbing down America.  It doesn't take a Berkeley education to understand basic rules of respect.  If things get out of hand, we, of course, will take actions to protect the community.  By "take action" I, obviously, mean hire Marshawn to stiff arm the Carroll out of you!  Nobody wants that.

Regarding the old Blogsome site, we are not going to continue with it.  However, we will keep it up.  And here is a link to our self-proclaimed Best Of .  That way, if you ever wanted to know the answer to the question "Does HydroTech really love Nate Longshore THAT much?" you can find it (SPOILER ALERT:  Yes).

So, there we go.  Our first ever post here.  History in the making!  Let's take you on a magic carpet ride!  GO BEARS!