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We've started again with that posting.  Check it:  Interview with Gary Tyrrell, Women's B-Ball PrimerBeastmode. Top25.  Eating The Enemy.  Fake PAT One.  Fake PAT Two. Roundtable. YTT Inside The Numbers.  

Yellow Fever: I'm back after two weeks of vacation, the first of which was spent on the Brock Mansion Party Yacht while cruising around the Caribbean.  God as my witness, when I'm 65, I'm going to retire to Miami and go on at least twenty cruises a year.

Rich (New York, NY): While discussing USC's disappointment with going to the Rose Bowl, the L.A. Times last Sunday called Penn State "Just another Big Ten vase." Do you think they might be overlooking Joe Pa's team? 

Yellow Fever: It certainly bears noting that this "Just another Big Ten vase" beat the one team that beat them - but so did Oregon and Stanford, so that's not saying a whole lot.  To answer the question literally, yeah, they might be overlooking JoePa's team.  But then again, it was the L.A. Times that said that, not the Trojans.  After all, I didn't see USC overlook Illinois last year in the Rose Bowl then, so I kinda doubt they won't be motivated to send Spread HD out to pasture.

Incidentally, who the hell came up with the term "Spread HD"?  Spread High Definition?  This isn't TV we're talking about here, people.  Though JoePa has been since before those were prevalent, so maybe he just decided to throw in the lingo there to make him seem hip and up to speed.

On a related note, one day I'll be coaching the Philadelphia Eagles with an offense called "Spinning T Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Punch".  It'll be awesome.

Dave (Iowa City): Fever...If Mizzou beats OU, will the voters jump USC up to the top 2 to play in the Nat'l Title game over a non-division winning Texas? 

Yellow Fever: No.  What the hell makes you think beating UCLA would vault the number 5 team into the top 2, especially when 1 and 2 are playing each other?

Hunter (Tennessee): Ivan Maisel said in his chat a minute ago that Utah and BYU wouldn't match up academically to the schools in the Pac-10, or atleast that's what the presidents of the schools in the Pac-10 thought. Your thoughts? I think that is silly!

Yellow Fever: I'm not sure how the academic argument can be made here.  Admittedly, I haven't looked at any statistics, but I have a hard time believing that the academics at BYU are worse than Arizona State.

Liz, Forth Smith: Why is Colt McCoy the media "darling"? The Big 12 coaches voted Sam Bradford the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year, yet the media (AP) voted for McCoy. Wouldn't the coaches who have to game plan for each QB know better? Sam leads the Big 12 in every major passing statistic except one. It seems ridiculous. Backlash for the Sooners being in the Big 12 Championship game or just media love for McCoy?

Yellow Fever: Using "quotes" doesn't make your argument any better.

Mike (Massachusetts): Fever... acc championship game, who ya got? 

Yellow Fever: I'll be honest - I can't name a single player on Boston College, and the only guy I know on Virginia Tech is Tyrod Taylor.

Anyway: who cares?

Steven (Birmingham, AL): Fever: I am always a bit surprised when I hear the media's (including ESPN) comments about Alabama's football tradition beginning with Bear Bryant. I would argue that Bryant did not create the tradition at Alabama, but instead continued a winning tradition that already existed through the teams of the 1920s and 1930s coached by Wallace Wade and Frank Thomas. In fact, I would argue that the 1925 team coached by Wallace Wade, which went to the Rose Bowl as a huge underdog and beat Washington, laid the foundation for the success of the SEC and all other Southern teams. Being a historian of the game, I am sure you know that the choice of Alabama to go to the Rose Bowl was ridiculed by the media of the era and Southern football was deemed to be too inferior to merit a Rose Bowl invitation. While we are on the subject, Wallace Wade took three Alabama teams to the Rose Bowl. Then, he went to Duke and took at least one Duke team to the Rose Bowl. Wade is overshadowed by Rockne, but I am not sure that is fair to Wade. Wade would appear to have been one of the best coaches of his era. As a historian of the game, I would like to get your thoughts on both of these issues.

Yellow Fever: Steven, I'm a bit surprised that you wrote that much.  Actually, I'm not, because if I recall correctly, even Southerners admit that college football is as big as it is down there because they don't have anything else to do.

Andy (Lincoln NE): Fever: Answer my question for old times' sake (the Huskers were once pretty good, or so I'm told). What's your take on the start of the Pelini era at NU, and are we headed back to national relevance (i.e., consistent appearance in the top 10)? Thanks. 

Yellow Fever: I wouldn't be surprised, if only because it's hard to imagine Kansas and Missouri being any good once Todd Reesing and Chase Daniel leave.  Colorado's still stuck in the mud and Iowa State is never going to go anywhere, so in a few years it would be a pretty big upset if anyone but Nebraska were the dominant team in the Big 12 North.  Then again, I'm not sure how nationally relevant they are when I had Joe Ganz on my fantasy team at the beginning of the year and my first instinct was, "Who the hell is this guy?"

He was Nebraska's starting quarterback this year, by the way.

Ty, Oklahoma: Fever, which game would you rather watch, Boise State v. Texas or Ohio State v. Texas? I know I'd rather watch Texas play Boise State and see Texas lose, then they can see how funny it is! 

Yellow Fever: Probably Boise State vs. Texas.  I don't hate Ohio State, but I just don't want to see them anymore.  That is, I don't think they're overrated or anything, but they're on TV like every damn weekend.  Besides, I actually skipped the Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma and didn't get to see those gadget plays live because I thought it would be a waste of time thinking that Oklahoma would roll Boise State by 50.  Whoops.

Corey (michigan): Fever, love your work. Do you agree that Weis should be back next year? 

Yellow Fever: I just want to see if NBC can figure out how to break their contract with Notre Dame so they don't have to show them every week.

Tuck (Oklahoma): Why does everyone keep saying, "the voters got it right, the computers got it wrong" in relation to OU getting into the big 12 championship. Do people not see the coaches voted OU over Texas as well? 

Yellow Fever: Why is everyone making a big deal over this, when the problem is the Big 12 tiebreaker rules themselves?  It's not like the BCS forced itself to be the tiebreaker here, people.

Frank Costanza (Queens, NY): Lou Holtz picked ND to win 10 games this season. Was he talking about their basketball team? 

Yellow Fever: Incorrect.  He was talking about their Pop Dance Team.

Chaz (Cleveland, OH): Do you think voters will take into account that Tim Tebow is the returning Heisman winner and has that bullseye on his back the entire year (analgous to a returning National Champion)? Every week the opposing team wants to take a shot at Tebow, yet he has his team one game from the National Title game. Why is this not brought up more? 

Yellow Fever: Because it wasn't brought up for Matt Leinart, Jason White, or any other returning Heisman Trophy winner?

Greg(Kingsport,Tn): What is your opinion on the hiring of Dabo Swinney at Clemson and the departure of the defensive coach? 

Yellow Fever: Dabo Swinney.  Man.  Did his parents consult a Turkish name book or something when he was born?

Joe (Washington DC): What do you think of Lane Kiffin at Tennessee? Good or bad choice? 

Yellow Fever: Deadspin has already captured my feelings on this.

Tim (BTR) : Georgia Tech got invited by the former peach bowl who do they play. 

Yellow Fever: Tim, your attempt at cleverness has me entirely unsure of what the hell bowl you're talking about.  So instead, if I've decided to come up with five guesses of what BTR might stand for:

  1. Between the Ropes
  2. By the River
  3. Boom Tho Rules
  4. Beware Timid Runts
  5. Buy Tiny Rainbows

Bill (Charlotte): Who's your heisman pick and what criteria do you use (best player, MVP of team, best player on great team, etc.)? 

Yellow Fever: Javon Ringer.  Best player on a great fantasy football team.

jason: do you think college football needs to get rid of divisions

Yellow Fever: I think it's pretty retarded to have conference championship games where half the time they're a rematch of a regular season game already.  Doesn't that kinda defeat the notion that the regular season is everything in college football?

Doyle (Columbus, Ohio): Since Beanie's return, the Bucks are playing much better. They will probably be huge underdogs in either the Fiesta or Sugar Bowls...can they surprise everyone and win a big bowl game? 

Yellow Fever: Yeah, but I really don't want to watch these guys anymore.  I'm sick of just thinking about them.

Mike (West Chester, OH): Do you think Rich Rod will ever beat Tressel and OSU? I never saw a worse OSU/UM rivalry game. Do you think UM will eventually go back to a "Michigan Man" to coach? 

Yellow Fever: Yes, I always allow the most recent instance of a occurence to shape my entire world view.  Clearly because Michigan lost this year, Rich Rod has completely forgotten how to coach, previous years of success be damned.

It's also nice to see that Bill Stewart remembered to use more of the money play, "PAT WHITE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO SOMETHING" though, after he wanted him to emphasize throwing more.  I mean, why?  That's not just forcing a round peg into a square hole, that's forcing a 600 pound man to live on a single Happy Meal.

Stephanie (Tallahassee, FL): Hey Fever, why in the world does the SEC still get so much credit this year? They have two good teams and everyone else is average to below average. I am sick of this southern and east coast bias!!! 

Yellow Fever: That's a damn good question, Stephanie.  And one that I just can't answer, though my research has led me to this, as it relates to the college football media as a whole:

3. The deeper a belief becomes established in your mind, the harder it is to question or change that belief. Once a belief gets locked in and the longer it stays locked in, the deeper and deeper it goes until it becomes a core belief. 

Your core beliefs, like mine, are so deep they cannot be changed by loading up on lots of logical evidence. Now it is the other way round, trying to change a core belief this way usually locks it in ever more securely!

Oh noes!

Dave S (Oxford, MS): am I a delusional fan to believe that ole miss can win their bowl game and come out a preseason top-15 team next year? 

Yellow Fever: 


Houston Nutt shivers in anticipation of a top 15 ranking


Al, Beaumont Texas: Fever: You said earlier you thought it was possible USC could get to 2 in the BCS poll if Oklahoma lost to Mizzou. Considering USC is 8 in the computer rankings and their only going to stay the same or drop once a 4-8 UCLA team is added to their equation how would that ever be possible. Isn't Texas the only viable candidiate. 

Yellow Fever: It's a wonder you can type all that when you clearly can't read.

Ronnie (Austintown): If Alabama loses do you yhink we could have two non bcs teams playing for the big one (utah and ball state)? 

Yellow Fever: (This question completely blew my mind.  I'm now convinced that Beano has no idea how to read questions before he chooses them.  Why would anyone even validate this question by answering it?)

jason (nebraska): can texas play oklahoma for the title 

Yellow Fever: Maybe if Florida and Alabama have a good old fashioned SEC throwdown like this game.


Bigwavedave (Annapolis, MD): Who makes the rules regarding wearing white to away games and how does USC get out of it? I thought that was a given? Do you think USC will get to wear Red in the Rose Bowl if they are considered away? 

Yellow Fever: It looks like the NCAA makes up the rule, but USC has the option to violate it.  And honestly, USC could probably beat UCLA with their scout team, so I'm pretty sure they're not going to miss those timeouts.

I just want to see Slick Rick to back out of his promise to take that early timeout.

Ronnie (Austintown): Who do you think will most likely return next year, Joe Pa or Bobby Bowden? 

Yellow Fever: JoePa doesn't like he's leaving, and Bobby Bowden isn't leaving until JoePa does.  Or he dies. 

Adam: (Raleigh, NC): How good do you think Russell WIlson is and can be for you think he can move the wolfpack to a contender in the ACC? Or do you see Obrien starting Glennon who is more of a Matt Ryan type qb? 

Yellow Fever: I have no idea.

Cutt (Amarillo, TX): Texas could of put up 60 their last 3 games but choose not to. They believe in sportsmanship. 

Yellow Fever: Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but it'd be nice if they did in 2004.

clay, huntsville, alabama: Fever Who do you feel will be voted coach of the year and why? 

Yellow Fever: Probably Nick Saban, but I'd vote for Paul Johnson.  The option!  Man, I love it.  I tried to explain the option to my boss, but he said it sounded too complicated.  Then he tried explaining cricket to me.

I'll be honest, that doesn't look complicated, but I have no idea what's going on there.

Ryan (Gainesville, FL): Can Ole Miss beat Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl? What does it prove if they win? 

Yellow Fever: The meaning of life.  To those in Mississippi.

Dan (Norman OK): I've heard it is supposed to be around 26 degrees for the Big 12 championship game at Arrowhead. Does this weather affect the OU offense in your opinion?

Yellow Fever: Yes.  The ball will be colder.

Jordan (Athens,GA) : After last week a lot of people are claiming that the acc is a stronger conference than the sec. Your thoughts? 

Yellow Fever: Not at the top, but in the soft gooey middle.

Ben (Atlanta): Fever, I'm a huge Irish fan. Any chance Notre Dame can get to a BCS game next year? 

Yellow Fever: I'd book another trip on the Brock Mansion Party Yacht so I miss that game if it does happen.

Steven (New Orleans, LA): Fever, Oklahoma vs. Texas today, who wins? 

SportsNation Beano Cook: I don't know. They played already and Texas won...what can I say. 

Yellow Fever: Good answer.  Thanks to Beano for picking the most insane questions as usual.