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YouTube Thursday -Leaning Horizontally Out Of The Open Car Door Of The Volvo Doesn't Have The Same Ring

Anytime I think of Washington, I think of the 2006 game.  I try not to think of the 2007 game, that one sucked.  But man, 2006.  Oh man, 2006.  That was just, well, amazing.  Ya, sure, the first 3 quarters weren't the best.  Fair enough.  But who cares.  The sweet embrace of nostalgia lets me forget all that.  And only remember the end of the 4th quarter and the OT.  And, of course, this:

Also, we've started again with that posting.  Check it:  Interview with Gary Tyrrell, Women's B-Ball PrimerBeastmode. Top25.  Eating The Enemy.  Fake PAT One.  Fake PAT Two. RRoundtable.

Of course, that's not how I remember it.  I was there, so it was more like this:

I love how the AP described it:

"After Bishop finally fell down with the final interception, Lynch commandeered the cart used to carry injured players, saying he planned to pick up his exhausted linebacker.

The junior tailback wanted to ghost ride -- a tradition in his native Oakland in which drivers lean horizontally out of their open car doors -- but the cart has no doors. So Lynch jubilantly left turn tracks on Cal's artificial turf while the student section went crazy."

Man, that day was just crazy!  Here is the final interception by Dezzie Bishop.  Well, at least, in theory it's here, you can't really see much:

But here is the real game winner by Marshawn:

And the Miracle Hail Mary Catch, from the UDub perspective:


Washington had one moment of national relevance this year.  Not that they are happy with it.

Here are some highlights of Oregon-UDub:

Of course, no discussion of Washington would be complete without watching a few videos of the 1989 game, which I completely and randomly stumbled upon.  Perhaps some of our more, ahem, experienced readers like SoCal Oski and California Pete can help us understand what it was like for this game, which apparently was affected by the earthquake.  Note: a) that nobody is there and b)both of these videos are bad for Cal.  Ai!

Of course, there's always the coach:

As a Cal fan of the Holmoecaust, nothing (NOTHING!) would make me happier than to watch Cal CRUSH UDub to make them 0-12 in perhaps Ty's last game ever.  It is unbelievable that it has come to this.  I guess he never should have left Stanford.  Praise be to Bak Bak that he did!

I really love dixieland jazz.  I love the seeming simplicity that is, in reality, quite complex.  The simplexity, as you might say.  So, bring in some modernity to it, in the form of the Rebirth Brass Band or the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and things can get ROCKIN'

I mean check out this sweet video of the Rebirth Brass Band playing in the street with a bunch of men in seersucker suits dancing along.  That is SO PIMP.  I love seersucker!

The energy there is so strong, you can't help but be sucked in. 

And here is the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.  I like them even more, but they don't have videos as good energy-wise.  Still, their music is so sick.