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Pac10 Roundtable Week 14

We're all friends here. For example, I'm Chandler. I have put on a lot of weight in recent Rountable seasons. I mean a LOT! And I'm pretty sure that CougCenter is whichever character Jeniffer Aniston is.

Which is why I feel that this YouTube video perfectly encapsulates the Pac10 Roundtable. I feel like we've really bonded over these past 14 weeks with the Pac10 Roundtable. Whether its confusion over What's Bruin, Dawg's inability to pick a team or that time I offended the first Wazzu blog so they left the Roundtable totally, I've had the time of my life!

And I hope you have, too. Luckily, this isn't the end. Because even though football is over, basketball is just starting up. And there's always bowl season. Nonetheless, let's act as if we're experiencing a weepy and wistful remembrance of the last 14 weeks.

Oregon State will be represented by Building the Dam. The Washington schools chime in with CougCenter and our newest SBN blog, UW Dawg Pound. Conquest Chronicles and What's Bruin, Dawg? corner the SoCal market. Finally, Pitchfork Nation comes to us from the hot state of Arizona.

Behind the fold, find the questions. And, to a much lesser extent, the answers. We brought our heads together to bring you these bad boys, so I hope you enjoy them!

Also, we've started again with that posting. Check it: Interview with Gary Tyrrell, Women's B-Ball Primer. Beastmode. Top25. Eating The Enemy. Fake PAT One. Fake PAT Two.

1 Over the weekend, a number of USC Trojan comments appearing on the InterWebs made mention of how disappointed they were to be going to yet another Rose Bowl (UCLA game notwithstanding). Has the Rose Bowl game gradually lost its luster under the BCS format?

Oh god no. Or at the very least, I'd like to think the very thing us Cal fans have been drooling over for the past 50 years will be as good as we remember it. Were any of us to remember it. Which we don't.

What this means is that USC fans are, as we all knew slash know, terrible, terrible people. They are happy with nothing and demand only the finest. Oh no, *only* the Rose Bowl. *Only* your 46th straight BCS game. Oh noes!

Shut up. Cry me a river. We're going to the Emerald Bowl, because OSU decided not to field a defense on Saturday. And USC fans are somehow upset bc they are going to the Rose Bowl. Also, Joey is using my towel. This world isn't fair.

2. Oklahoma jumped Texas in the latest BCS poll. Is this an example of the BCS getting it right or does it add more fuel to the growing calls for a playoff system?

Well, from a BCS perspective, it doesn't really matter. The issue here is with the Big XII, and their inability to break the tie in the South division based on the on-field results. The BCS will take the conference champion, and they let who that team is be decided by the member conferences. Situations like this enhance arguments not for a college football playoff, but for a Big XII playoff.

More generally, though situations like this are an example of the BCS working as designed. Remember, in 2003 USC was jumped by both Oklahoma and LSU into the national title game despite the voters' preference for the Trojans. Shock and outrage and a split national title ensued, and the setup was changed to give the polls more power to manipulate the BCS standings to create the matchups and outcomes desired. In this case, the voters felt (or were lobbied to feel) that Oklahoma was the superior team and deserved to play for the Big XII South title, despite their head-to-head loss on a neutral field to Texas. The system works.

Of course, one could easily argue that the system is stupid, and we should just have a playoff. But then, what would college football pundits write about each December?

3. Arizona State is one win away from becoming bowl eligible with a tough game at Arizona this week. Can the Sun Devils pull it out and get to the post-season?

ASU has put together a few solid wins here. Played well against OSU, in Corvallis. But I'm not sure they'll be able to knock off Arizona. Cal fans know how tough it can be to beat Arizona at home. Sure, ASU just took a whooping to UCLA. But firstly, its UCLA. Secondly, if you look at it, ASU's D was the true hero that day. The ASU O did not do much. But the ASU D picked off Craft 40 times, running 38 of them back for TDs. Tuitama is a MUCH better QB than Craft by a magnitude of 1,000,000,000.00. Plus Marshawn. ASU's D was pretty strong that day, but credit must be given to Craft, too. With Tuitama playing much better than Craft, I don't think the ASU D will be able to put up as much of an amazing game.

So, it seems likely that Arizona will win and ASU will sit this Bowl Season out. Disappointing for many ASU fans who had high hopes for this year.

4. Is it better suited for the conference as a whole to send the most teams possible to bowl games or only ones that have a legitimate chance at victory...aka teams that won't further embarrass the Pac-10?

Well, the obvious and incredibly easy answer is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. More schools is more money. More money is better facilities, better recruiting, better football. So, even suffering an embarrassing loss in a BCS game helps the team. If you have any Pac10 pride, you'll want them to get as much money as possible. So, as many teams in the bowls, it is! Anybody who answers otherwise isn't as ruthlessly oriented to money as I am.

5. What's the deal, OSU? Look, I get it, ruin your own season, that's fine. Nobody cares about that. But to ruin Cal's season? And to cost the entire Pac10 millions and millions of dollars? What's up with that? I mean c'mon!

This is the very question, I posed. And I have yet to get a solid answer. Building The Dam told me to suck it. Which I did. Didn't get much more than a sore neck.

Addicted To Quack said we should win our games. Which, in my view, we did. However, as I noted there, a completely uncontrollable series of referee mishaps, illegal opponent maneuvers, and not so hilarious Rube Goldberg-esque inanities combined to help steal 4 of those victories from Cal. COMPLETELY UNCONTROLLABLE!

Conquest Chronicles told me that OSU had ruined their season too and that I should "man up." Firstly, emotionally, I'm still a boy. Secondly, when did GOING TO THE ROSE BOWL COUNT AS A RUINED SEASON?!?!?! I hate you, USC. Finally, Conquest Chronicles bringing the hate. LOVE IT!

So, there we go. Those are our answers. What are yours?