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Ask Yellow Fever And Open Thread

(Use this thread for the Southern Mississippi v. Troy game on today at 8:15 EST.)

Yellow Fever: Good afternoon and welcome. I've got a fun assignment at the end of this chat too. DINOSAUR RELATED!

Ed (PA): JoePA gets a 3 year deal....3 years ago who would have thought he may still be there longer than Chuck Weis would last at ND?

Yellow Fever: I don't think Weis is fired yet, buddy. But obviously it seems as if Weis isn't cut out for the college game, and one would have to think that if he doesn't experience more success next year, he'll be gone.

That said, I'm surprised either Bobby Bowden or JoePa haven't keeled over yet. Seriously.

ken: Fever, A large majority of the 154 ballots Tebow was left off of were in the Southwest region. Doesn't this seem like some sort of collusion to make sure that 'their guy' would win?

Yellow Fever: Yes, because voting for other qualified candidates whom you're more familiar with is OBVIOUSLY collusion.

Ian Burke (Omaha, NE): Who, in your mind, is the most underrated coaching prospect in the country?

Yellow Fever: Turner Gill's the easy choice, but given my affinity for the option, I'd go with Paul Johnson if he's still considered a prospect. And what about Chris Petersen at Boise State? He's been incredible since taking over for Dan Hawkins.

David (Catonsville MD): There was an announcement today that the Humanitarian Bowl had sold 16 tickets through the Maryland Athletic Office and 8 through Nevada. Why does that surprise anyone? Who wants to go to Boise in December? Is this clear evidence that there are way too many Bowls out there? and how does that Bowl survive?

Yellow Fever: Clearly there are too many bowls out there for anyone to care about all of them What are you talking about?!? There are fantastic reasons to watch each and every bowl game!

Tony (Lancaster, PA): I'm desperate for some Buckeyes respect. Are there any chances that Beanie Wells will return next season to help Pryor give a one-two punch to USC in The Shoe?

Yellow Fever: No. Or at least I hope not. The Eagles could use him.

Nate: (Spokane, Washington): I know that the Pac-10 is steeped with tradition (and don't seem too open to change) but is there any chance of them expanding to 12 teams? Either Boise State, Fresno State (if academics standards are raised), BYU, Utah, etc.

Yellow Fever: I hope not, since I kinda like how every team actually plays every team every year. It seems possible, but probably not any time soon. I'd want BYU and Utah, for obvious reasons.

Brian (NYC): I don't see any problem with leaving Tebow off and putting Crabtree or Harrell in the third spot. If anything it's a disgrace that Crabtree was left off so many ballots. Isn't the Heisman supposed to go to the best player, not the best QB/RB?

Yellow Fever: You won't hear any argument from me. I'm with TMQ on this, who thinks it's ironic that John Heisman, as an offensive lineman, likely wouldn't be considered for his own award.

Nick (Chicago): Turner Gill to Penn St in a year or two?

Yellow Fever: I've said it before and I'll say it again. MARSHAWN + GILL = FTW

Joe (Plainsboro, NJ): Are you hearing that LeSean McCoy really will return next year?

Yellow Fever: This guy is from my hometown.

Incidentally, so is Andrew Bynum. I really should get his jersey. Even though he played only his freshman year of high school in town and then went to a high school half an hour away after that. No pride, son.

Terri, Gainesville: Did you think Urban Meyer was right to allow Dan Mullen to call plays in the BCS title game? Mullen may be distracted by his new job.

Yellow Fever: I'm more worried about Andy Reid being distracted by thoughts of McMuffins in his head when making play calls.

MORNHINWEG: Coach, it's 3rd and 1. What do you want to call? Buckhalter up the middle? Quick pitch to Westbrook? QB sneak?

REID: (dreaming of two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles on a sesame seed bun)

MORNHINWEG: COACH! Play clock's winding down!

REID: Oh! PASS! PASS! A million times pass!

Adam (Beaufort, SC): The Crimson Tide had a year that was so called "unexpected" by most in the NCAA, how do you see there future turning out in the coming years?

Yellow Fever: Using "quotes" didn't disguise your SEC level education, Adam.

Swarbrick (South Bend, IN): What can Notre Dame do to woo Urban Meyer away from Florida?

Yellow Fever: I don't know about Urban Meyer, but here is a short list of things that people could do for me to get me to do anything. Well, just about anything.

  • Build a statue of me:


  • Giving me an introduction like this every time I enter a room

  • Teach my dog this trick

  • Or they could just pay me a lot of money so I can run around like this guy



Brad (gadsden,alabama): fever, What bowl game are you going to?

Yellow Fever: I'm taking the Browns to the Toilet Bowl.

Dean (New York): I saw recently on ESPN i think it was about congress passing legislation to force the NCAA to go to a playoff system. i know this has been a hotbutton issue for many. what are your thoughts of congress getting involved. i dont really believe its their place, they have bigger things to worry about such as the economy, not a college football playoff system.

Yellow Fever: I'm not one of those guys who thinks that time spent debating college football in Congress is wasted time. If you've ever seen CSPAN, it's pretty clear that the level of discourse in Congress isn't too far removed from that on ESPN - that is, a lot of talking without actually saying anything. So what if a few Congressmen want to spend a few hours talking college football to get their names in the news? They'd probably be out fundraising otherwise anyway.

Spivey (Atl): Soup or Salad ?

Yellow Fever: Salad. Though I do appreciate a good New England Clam Chowder or Lobster Bisque every now and then.

Ben (Gainesville, FL): What do you think of Sam Bradford's performances in the clutch? (0-3 when OU is trailing at any point in the 4th Quarter)

Yellow Fever: What do you think of the fact that defense is 50% of the game?

ken, CA: Fever, Heather Graham said yesterday that if Meyer won a championship this year or next, that he would have nothing left to prove and would replace Weis at his 'Dream Job'

Yellow Fever: I'm pretty sure he doesn't have much more to prove at this point, and he could walk right in to South Bend and punch Charlie Weis in the face if he wanted. Also, you didn't ask a question.

Jonathan (Oklahoma City, OK): I've heard the comparison of Sam Bradford to Peyton Manning... Do you agree with this comparison?

Yellow Fever: If he loses to Florida, he'll be even more like Peyton.

Jim (Lubbock, TX): Why is Leach unfairly accused of running up the score on opponents and Stoops is commended for record breaking consecutive 60+ point games?

Yellow Fever: Last I checked, there's no mercy rule in football, so teams complaining about getting the score run up on them should probably shut up and get better.

Chris (Bainbridge,Ohio): Did Ohio State miss out on Meyer when they hired Tressel? (he was at Bowling Green at the time --I believe)

Yellow Fever: I'm pretty sure playing in three national championship games since 2001 means he's been doing a good job, Chris.

Mike (Seattle): Fever, With all the fame, tv contract, etc..., you could go on forever -- Notre Dame ever year should be challenging for National championships. What the heck is the problem? They might be the most underachieving team in sports over the last 10 years. Your thoughts?

Yellow Fever: Notre Dame doesn't mean anything anymore. Notre Dame hasn't won a championship since before this year's recruiting class was born. Why would Notre Dame mean anything to these kids? Their most recent QB to be drafted in the first round was Kerry Collins, and highest profile RB in the NFL is Julius Jones. So why would any QB choose Notre Dame over USC, or RB choose Notre Dame over Auburn? You know, unless they had a massive ego or something.

Alex (VA) : Judging from the questions you choose to answer I'm not sure if you are aware that the ACC plays football. In fact, they had a winning record against the SEC this year, including a win by Duke. How do you see the ACC performing nationally over the next few years?


Patrick (Mobile, AL): Fever, I heard that the reason Tommy Tuberville resigned at Auburn AND received is buyout was due to a breach of his contract. Supposidly an AU official contacted Houston Nutt after the Iron Bowl to gauge his interest, and Houston contacted his agent, Jimmy Sexton, who is also Tommy's. There is supposidly a clause that Tommy has to be made aware before any coach is contacted. Have you heard anything regarding this?

Yellow Fever: Good luck with Gene Chizik, buddy! Is that better or worse than hiring Tom Holmoe?

Ricky, Miami: What do you think of Randy Shannon as Miami's coach?

Yellow Fever: Honestly, I've read all the stories and head all the rationale, but Larry Coker couldn't have the program in that bad of a state. I mean, the guy had a .800 winning percentage - it's just hard for me to be could have left the cupboard THAT bare. I don't get it. It's Miami. They should be rolling in ACC titles. And probably smoking them up too.

Rich (NY): Do you think Texas will try to run up the score on Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl to make a statement to the BCS community???

Yellow Fever: WTF is the BCS community? That's like saying ZOMG SONY AND NINTENDO ARE EVIL THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR REMAKES OF OLD VIDEO GAMES - well guess what buddy, they're a business. STFU.

Oh yeah. BCS community. Stupid term.

Hope (Chance, CA): Do you think a non-BCS team would ever win the national title ever again like BYU did years ago?

Yellow Fever: There is absolutely no way that name and hometown are legit.

David (Catonsville MD): Fever, if you were a head coach would you use the Bowl game as a reward and allow the players to have a great time (within reason) or crack down on them and prepare them for the game only.

Yellow Fever: I think I'd be pretty pissed as a player if my coach kept me in lockdown preparing for the Las Vegas bowl.

Joe (St. Louis): Will Joe Paterno retire in your lifetime?

Yellow Fever: God I hope so. I don't have any life-threatening illnesses right now, after all.

Tim Tebow (Gainesville, FL): Did the Ole Miss loss cost me the Heisman? I just wish the other 900 voters had your brilliant mind. Why does Ashlee (Bradenton, FL) hate me so much? I have seen her in other ESPN chat rooms marginalizing me. She must be a Seminole or Hurricane fan.

Yellow Fever: Maybe it was the 28 passing touchdowns compared to 48 for Bradford. Maybe.

Keven (NJ): Will OJ be removed from the Hall of Fame?

Yellow Fever: I don't think he should. I mean, Lawrence Taylor is a pretty big screwup, and a lot of the early baseball Hall of Famers were assholes too. Obviously, it's hard to be a bigger than asshole than O.J. has, but there's no precedent for it and I don't think there's any provision for it either.

Erich (Dallas): Do you think OU has a chance without Murray?

Yellow Fever: Sure, why not.

Tim Griffin Berkeley Ca: Do you see Jahvid Best rushing for over 200 yards against Miami with the way he's been rushing and the way Miami's rush defense has been playing?

Yellow Fever: Of course.

Fo Sheezy, Pittsburgh: Fever, as a former Pitt SID, do you sympathize with the fans of Pitt and Penn State that want to see this rivalry renewed once again? Please talk about your memories of this rivalry back in the late 70's and early 80's when it was truly one of the premier games at the end of every season. Any chance of this game coming back or does that have to wait until JoePa is gone? Thanks!

Yellow Fever: Is that really JoePa's fault? I'm surprised. Pitt's was a pansy for a few years up until this year. I don't see why they would have canceled the rivalry to begin with.

Steiny (NYC): Did Terrelle Pryor disappoint you this season?

Yellow Fever: He's still number two in my heart. Everyone else is tied.

Dan (Irving, TX): How do you like this CHANGE for the BIG 12...bequeath Mizzou to the Big Ten, drop Iowa State, pick up TCU and SMU, and realign the divisions; sending the two Oklahoma schools to the North Division and adding TCU and SMU to the South Division. This would have solved this season's tri-tie conundrum. I think SMU deserves another shot at the national spotlight because they have ATONED for their sins.

Yellow Fever: Yeah, that would have solved the tri-tie conundrum by shuffling a bunch of teams no one cares about and not actually changing the tiebreaker procedure. GENIUS

Alex (VA): More boring: a Pirates/Royals game or VT's offense? Seriously, what do the Hokies need to do to get over the hump?

Yellow Fever: Virginia Tech's offense. "Taylor drops back...tries to he pulls up!...Incomplete."

Wes (Houston, Tx): Why is no one talking about the turn around that Bo Pelini Made with the Nebraska? 5-7 Last year no bowl, 8-4 this year with a New Years Day Bowl, and not much heard in the media. Why do you think that is??

Yellow Fever: Because no one cares about 8-4 teams unless they're tangentially related to dinosaurs.

Mike (LA): Has Ohio St become the new Notre Dame? Everyone seems to hate them no matter what they do. When they beat Miami and Texas there are excuses for their wins, when the lose to Florida and USC it is because they are terrible.

Yellow Fever: No, Notre Dame is still Notre Dame. I'm just bored with Ohio State.

Yellow Fever: Thanks for reading. And for today's homework, I actually need a bit of help with my Nets Fan Advisory Board homework. You see, I'm a member of this group which is essentially a focus group used by the Nets in their marketing and event planning process. So this month's homework is to design two theme nights: halftime show, music to be played, contests during timeouts, dance routines, etc. So what would YOU do? I was thinking Dinosaur help me out!