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12.20.08 Bowl Game and Cal v. Nevada Basketball Open Thread

Who else is jonesin' for some college football?  Who else is up at 8AM today just to watch the first bowl game, no matter who's playing?  Am I the only crazy-obsessed person around here?

For some info on all of today's games, check out Yellow Fever's Bowl Game Blowout! I.

First up:  Wake Forest vs. Navy in the inaugural EagleBank Bowl (lol wut?) at 8AM this morning on ESPN.

Then:  Colorado State vs. Fresno State in the New Mexico Bowl at 11:30AM on ESPN.

Followed by:  Memphis vs. South Florida in the inaugural magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl at 1:30PM on ESPN2.  When I first heard of this bowl game, I wondered why they were holding a bowl game in Russia; was anyone else confused?

Take a break at 3PM and switch over to CSN Bay Area +, where Cal Basketball resumes after its break for finals to take on the Nevada Wolfpack.

Finally:  #16 BYU vs. Arizona in the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl at 5PM on ESPN.

EDIT:  Also, if you haven't heard, Cal completed its 2009 football schedule with a home game vs. Eastern Washington on September 12.  As of now, the schedule features 12 straight weeks of football -- no BYE weeks.  From the article:

Cal will try to make adjustments, but Tedford has said he'd like to keep the Big Game as the traditional season-ender.

As of now, the schedule stands as follows:

Sept. 5 - Maryland
Sept. 12 - Eastern Washington
Sept. 19 - at Minnesota
Sept. 26 - at Oregon
Oct. 3 - USC
Oct. 10 - at Washington
Oct. 17 - at UCLA
Oct. 24 - Washington State
Oct. 31 - at Arizona State
Nov. 7 - Oregon State
Nov. 14 - Arizona
Nov. 21 - at Stanford