carp's All Conference Cheerleading Team (prolly NSFW)

This was originally posted in the 12.12. DBD (misnumbered as 10.12 DBD), but Danzig requested that this become a FanPost so that one could post large images of cheerleaders in, you know, cheerleader outfits or less.  Enjoy but scroll through at your own risk.  I've also added two additional awards below.

Well, it’s that time of year, folks. As always, it’s tough to decide who’s capable of being on the All Pac-10 Cheerleading Team. We may not have 2 BCS Bowl bids, a good record vs. the Mtn. West, nor 2 wins in the state of Washington, but we’ve got cheerleaders. Without further ado:



Top Row: Sarah, Cal; Lacey, Wash. St.; Anonymous, Ore. St.; Chelsea, Ore.
2nd Row: Anonymous Captain (l) and Anonymous Pac-10 Coach of The Year®, UofA; Brianna, UCLA; Kristin; UCLA; Christine, USC
3rd Row: Calla, ASU; Courtney ASU; Anonymous Buddies (UofA); Anonymous, Wash.
Bottom Row: Brooke, ASU; Katie, ASU; Jordan, Cal (far right)

Notice there aren’t any ‘furd girls. That’s because they’re (a) ugly and (b) have the worst website in the Pac-10. The "Anonymous" names are because these pics, taken from the official website, do not list their names anywhere (odd, huh?). Also, I made sure to pick current 2008 cheerleaders, so that disqualifies shots like this (NSFW) and this (very much NSFW). Plus, I tried to keep these pics "classy."

You can view this on Flickr (thanks Berkelium97) here.

Individual and Team Awards:
CoY: Jordan, UCLA

carp Award: Sarah, Cal

Best Red Head: Brooke, ASU

Best Brunnette: Anonymous on the left of the UofA buddy pic

Best Smile: Anonymous on the left of the UofA buddy pic

Best Blonde: Chelsea, Ore.

Best Dye Job: Brooke, ASU

Worst Dye Job: Calla, ASU

Most Underrated: Anonymous, Ore. St.

Date with carp: Anonymous, Ore. St.

Most likely to be a stripper: anyone on ASU outside of Courtney

Best Unis: UofA

Makes the uni awesome: Jordan, UCLA

Best minority: Ariana, Cal (honorable mention)

Most Overrated Squad: USC

Most Improved Squad: UofA

Squad of the Year: UCLA

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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