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YouTube Thursday - As It Turned Out, Every Game *Did* Count!

Every Yard?  Yes!  They count!  Every Hit?  OH HECK YUP!  They totes count.

I didn't think at the start of the year that every game would count.  I figured they might take a few and throw em out.  Like the way Rishi is with Jahvid Best's stats when comparing them to Quizz's stats.  "Hey, Best ran really well against UW, let's hold that against him!"

But, stunningly, every game did count.  Just as this prophetic video foretold.

So, now that the regular season is over, let's take a look at some of the games this year.  The dizzying highs.  The crushing lows.  The creamy middles.

First, there was the Michigan State game.  Although not quite as elite a team as Tennessee, Michigan State still is a strong BCS team with a long and storied history.  We beat them back in an exciting 2002 game, which included Kyle Boller receiving a TD. 

I don't know who this PRD74 is, but he has done an amazing job of putting together highlight videos.  Here is the MSU game in 4 parts:



Good to see those plays again.  It seems like FOREVER ago, doesn't it!  Crazzy.

That was good, this was great.  Here is the WSU game in 4 acts:

With all great things, there must be bad things.  Enter:  Maryland.  That damnable state, leaves us with little more than crabcakes and the STDs that share that name.  Luckily, our dear friend PRD74 does have some highlights of this game.  Note his message:

Just Cal Highlights. If you want to see Maryland highlights, go elsewhere. ALL anti-Cal comments will be deleted, so don't bother. Go Bears!

Spunky! Sassy!  Me-ow!


So, there we go.  The first 3 games of the season.  Seem like so long ago.  But they counted.  And they were glorious!  Except for the Maryland one.  That one sucked.  But not Pac10, so its suckage was limited. 

Last week, we had modern Dixieland.  This week, let's take it back.  Waaaaay back.

Sidney Bechet.  St. Louis Blues: