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YouTube Thursday: Deep In The Belly Of The Beast

Edit:  Carp has some sweet videos I failed to include.

We've been undercover recently, deep in the belly of the beast.  We've gotten some "interesting" footage of inside USC events.  We are now really to reveal what we've found.  This will shock you.  This will stun you.  This will amaze you.  There is not a lot of footage as it was not easy to get this.  We risked life and limb.  And had to dress up like USC fans to get entrance to these secret rites.  I only have so many collars that I can pop.  I'm just one man!

And lord if I ever see a madras driving cap ever again, I'm gonna curl up into the fetal position. 

Here is a video of Pete Carroll meeting with some recruits, looking to bring them to USC.

And here we see a member of the USC Marching Band being punished for the crime of speaking with an opposing band member:

Finally, we have Mark Sanchez' pregame warm up:


One of my greatest disappointments is that Will Ferrell (a comedic idol of mine) is a USC fan.  It brings me great frustration and is one of my largest failures.  He's actually filmed a few videos with the USC team.  I know that if I happened to fall ass backwards into being a global comedy star I'll be filming videos with Marshawn 7 days a week, 365 days a week. 

Here are some of the videos:

Many people felt that Mike Belloti was a bit of a whiner after the Cal-Oregon game on Saturday.  Were anybody to fetch Pete Carroll from his pyramid of money and five star running backs, I'm sure he would agree:


But hey Petey Boy Carroll ain't the only one with major emotional issues:

Perhaps the most potent player on USC:  Ray Maualuga, #58.  Cinco Ocho:

Another player of interest, Joe McKnight:

Ok.  I'm trying to find videos to put here, but it hurts my brain so much.  Heres a highlight video:

That leads me to ask the question, WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO WATCH A USC HIGHLIGHT VIDEO!??!?!  Le Sigh. 

Let's try to finish this off with something that will soothe me.  Charles Mingus is, IMHO, the greatest musician, bandleader, composer etc etc etc etc ever to walk the face of the planet.  And his contributions to music are being extended and improved upon by the Mingus Big Band.  They are without a doubt the best big band going today and my fav.  Easy.  Everytime they come to SF, I make sure to see them at least once (last time they came, I saw them twice in 3 days). 

My favorite song of theirs is the Mingus classic "Song With Orange."  So, when I stumbled upon this 20 minute live version from Tokyo that is EVEN BETTER than the studio album version, well, it was unbelievable. 

I've saved it for this week, because I knew we needed something to pep us up.