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Big Game Photo Extravaganza - Second Half

Royal Exchange


First Half

When we last left our faithful heroes, Cal had kept Stanford to 3 at the tail end of the first half.  Stanford had made 3 huge drives in the first half, resulting in a missed field goal, a fumble near the goal line, and a made field goal (albeit after having the ball on the 1 on 2nd down).  Somehow even after giving up over 200 yards of offense, Cal's D had held Stanford to 3 points.  Impressive, impressive stuff.

Also impressive?  This guy:


via TheNick


via TheNick

You've gotta give it to the Stanford band. They are nothing if not inventive.  As for how that guy felt after being wheeled around the field and spun over and over and over again, I do not know.  I'm not sure I *want* to know!  I can guess, though.

They're SO zany!


via TheNick

Speaking of spinning, think about what this says if spun quickly enough:


via TheNick


via TheNick

Yes, Ronk Cal Up.  How dare they try to Ronk Us Up!  How classless?!?!

Some interesting Card Stunts:


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb

Note the colors there.


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb

The Stanford band's show was about the earthquake that could hit and the hippies etc etc etc.  As per usual for them, it was a potentially hilarious theory, but terrible execution.  The writing is just not good, the field charting is boring, and you can only hear the percussion.  In my more egotistical moments, I wonder if I had made it into Stanford if I could have improved upon their writing.  Of course, my more egotistical moments are ones where I breath, the earth spins, and slash or women vomit at the mere sight of me.  Which is to say, often.

I wish I could say better stuff about the Cal band.  I think that generally they have had a great season so far, with the clear peak being the Sports Show.    The problem was the announcer said they were playing "Songs That Defined A Generation:  Songs Of The 90s"


via TrisWeb

However, they were, in actuality, playing 90s pop.  That was poorly described and so confusion reigned when they started playing Hansen and the Backstreet Boys.  Where is Nirvana??  If it had been expressed as "Cheesy 90s pop song" I think people would have been more amenable to it.  I don't think people view Hansen and the Spice Girls as music that defined any generation.  Least of all mine.  Well, maybe Spice Girls.  Maybe.


They did end well, though.  With a N'Sync dance block (sorry about some of the shaky camera action here):

Previously, I was accused of claiming drum major Frankie Garland was a nazi.  I didn't remember making such a claim, but who am I to remember what I've written?  I barely plan it out ahead of time, let alone remember it afterwards.

But, hey, Mr. Garland, if you don't want anybody to know of your secret double life as a nazi, maybe you shouldn't be photographed like this:


What a nazi, that Frankie Garland.  Heil Hansen Brothers!  Mein Frankie!

I have previously spoken about how the atmosphere around Berkeley was electric.  The hatred was back.  Boom, baby!  For example, I saw this random women go walking up the stands in a red shirt.  The expected occurs:

But here's something cool.  About a minute later, she comes scrambling out of the crowd being chased by some random dude.  Go random dude.  Harass complete strangers solely because they wear red.  That's the very crux of a rivalry!  If we can't harass complete strangers, why even have competitive sports played by other people who are much younger and in far better shape than us?

Soon, the second half was upon us:


TheNick already did a FanShot of this, but just look at this shot.  This is the money photo of the day:


via TheNick

I swear that play took 4 minutes to develop.  Right before Cal had run a quick counter for a TD that was called back, bc Stanford called a TO at the very last second.  We were frustrated, but fully expected some sort of run.  So, when Riley dropped back to pass, in my brain I was all "OH NOOOOOOOOOYESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

I think we were all freaked out for that 1 second, right before we saw Morrah standing there.  Wide open. 

That third quarter was great on both sides of the ball:


via TheNick


via TheNick

For those watching at home, this is what the stadium saw on the bounce pass.  Didn't even look CLOSE:


via TheNick


via TheNick

Jahvid was running well:


These Stanford fans were less than pleased:


via TheNick

If I remember correctly, this is the pass of the Hook and Ladder:


After the Hook and Ladder, the crowd was going crazzy:


They even rolled a kid up:


via TheNick

Even though they are lighter and easier to roll up, they shouldn't let kicks crowd surf.  I felt like I needed to register as a sex offender after having to grab a chunk of his butt to support him.  Le sigh!

But the kid was LOVING it:


via TheNick

The hold the rope guy had so much energy this game.  Well, he ALWAYS does.  With that rope:


Here's this video of the kid who went to find his shoe instead of getting Nate Longshore's autograph.  So many jokes could be made, but either I'm mocking some kid or Nate Longshore.  Let's just leave it at that:


You couldn't stop Jahvid:


We were seeing a lot of this in the 3rd quarter:


And a WHOLE lotta this:



via Phoenix Five

Go Bears!

A few other cool photos from Phoenix Five:


via Phoenix Five


via Phoenix Five


via Phoenix Five

Alex Mack said the most humiliating experience for him was going up against Mebane in practice.  I do NOT doubt that.  But Mack has really proved himself since then, I would think:


Here is a sweet sack.  Notice Rulon's feet in mid-air there.  I think you've seen professional photos of this sack in the Chron.  Now, see a terrible and NON-professional photo:


 TrisWeb has some great photos of all the second half action, too:


via TrisWeb

Including Jahvid's last TD run:


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb

I know those photos came out well, I took them.  I borrowed TrisWeb's camera to try it out.  I've never used one of those DSLRs with a big zoom lens before.  It is kind of like watching the game through binoculars with the chance to take a photo at the same time.  I believe that TD run put Cal up 37-3.

Here's the Student Director looking important and stuDly:


via TrisWeb

What is that thing hanging out of his ear there?  Is he getting the radio call piped in?  I still think you'd probably know more about the game facing away from the field than listening to Starkey, but that's just me.

Morrah and the offense focus on getting ready for the next play:


via TrisWeb

Down big, Stanford started airing it out:


And more:


Pritchard was being chased all over the field:



via TrisWeb

They had some success, too:


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb


via TrisWeb

Combine that with some slowed Cal offense in the 4th quarter and some of us Cal fans were FREAKING OUT!


via TheNick

Luckily, however, Stanford was throwing pick after pick after pick.


via TheNick

And more sacks:


The Pain Train celebrates that crushing sack:


The fans were loving it!  Tons of picks and sacks!  Just teeing off on Pritchard!


Well, at least, our fans:


And ain't this sweet to see!


Not to mention this:


via TheNick

I'm pretty sure this is Goldblooded and I'm pretty sure his hair is magical:


via TheNick

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  That's all post-game stuff.  We'll have a post-game post soon enough.  To enjoy the scrum that was the field.  Until then, enjoy these second half photos and GO BEARS!