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For a generation of Cal fans, this is our The Play.  Raised on a diet of stale The Play memories, we wanted to create our own Big Game legend.  Our own Big Game stories.  Telling our grandchildren "We were there when we heard about The Play for the 40,000th time right before Stanford beat us" didn't exactly have the same pinache as we might have hoped.

So, thankfully, there was this:

Those last two videos had poor quality, but this is good.  You know, the guy was on top of the goalpost for like one half of one second.  But at the time, it seemed like it was an eternity. 

Lets look at some great Big Game highlights:

And some video of the post-game lockerroom celebration after the 1986 Big Game:

No sound on this find, but card stunts at hte Big Game from the 60s:

Old Bear Territory video on the 1994 Big Game.  Whatever happened to those guys?

Not great kwality (a theme, it would seem), but Marshawn's run in the 2004 Big Game:

1972 Big Game.  Great end here:

That's some great Big Game stuff.  Let's look at some Stanford football players:

I have a strong distaste for Stanford, but I gotta respect them for this:


Finally, let's meet Paper-rad.  Yes, Paper-rad.  Wikipedia describes them as a "art collective that makes comics zines, video art, net art, MIDI files, paintings, installations, and are in a variety of bands."  They are kinda crazzy, but I like them.  They have the bright colors and the MIDI sounds.  Either you think it's creative or you think it's the stupidest thing ever and look forward to your next semester at USC starting.  Plus, they sort of came from the same incubator that I did, so I respect that.  To call them crazzy is to call me crazzy.