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Cal @ OSU - Immediate Post Game Thoughts

Put your immediate post-game thoughts here!

This year's offense is the worst in the Tedford era. Yes, even worse than 2005. We've got a decimated OL and have inexperienced players starting at 3/5ths of the OL. We have our youngest and worst WR group in the Tedford era.

Aside from Mack, Best, and Vereen and an emerging Tucker... our team just doesn't have the talent right now - or the experience.

Defense kept us in the game today... just like against U$C. And just like against U$C, it was up to the offense to win the game. Just like U$C, they couldn't.

Defenses don't win championships. A great defense won't do it by themselves. It takes some offense too. Right now, we have too little offense. We have too many injuries, and too many young guys playing.