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Cal v. Oregon 11.1.08 Fourth Quarter Thread

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This is the fourth quarter thread for the Cal v. Oregon 11.1.08 game. Use this to discuss all fourth quarter action. We'll have a post-game thread up after the game.

Also, don't forget to vote in our California Golden Blogs Insta-Poll.

Also: The CGB has been posting a lot lately. To not be forgotten are other excellent posts: See Maharg shotgunning a beer; some more photos from the Cal game, and videos of the awesome marching band performance, see my post-game thoughts and overly generous grade to Riley; our discussion of the Top25, and see our once-per-month post by CBKWit. Also, Hydro's amazing analysis and a discussion regarding running up the score. Plus, YouTube Thursday, and the Roundtable. And don't forget our Q+A with Addicted to Quack and a slight statistical rundown of the Ducks.