What's your Cal history?

(RoyRules put up this interesting FanPost last night.  We thought, especially with the bye week, it would be create very cool discussion for people here.  What is *your* Cal story?)

Inspired by those silly jumbotron videos during the games, a comment from some other post here on CGB and shockingly BI.

In any case explain here how and when you got into football, Cal football, when you entered Cal, how your football/life was at Cal and when you graduated (or when you will graduate), etc.

Behind the fold is RoyRules' story.

My story:

I only started following football in 1998 and I really got hooked when I watched John Elway and the Broncos beat Atlanta in the Superbowl. However I never became a Broncos fan but instead followed the 49ers.

As for college I admit I never really followed it all that much although I heard stories from my friends about how Cal shocked people (2003 - the 'SC game), how SC was dominating (04 against OU), etc but I never realized that UC Berkeley and Cal were the same thing.

I entered Cal on August 2006 (and by this time I had finally figured out Cal is UCB) and I decided to watch Cal play UT on TV. Of course after we got blown out I thought to myself "great another team I'm trying to support decides to suck when I watch them play". However using my free freshman tickets I went to the stadium to watch the Minnessota and Portland State game and while I was supporting the team I didn't really have an interest in watching them. But I went anyway to the ASU game and this is when I started thinking "hey this is pretty cool". However it truly was the game against Oregon that totally blew my mind and made me a true fan. It was up to that point the loudest stadium I had been in, and combined with the ownage of Dixon led Ducks (after all the hype they recieved), and the Duck Hunt card stunts I was hooked. At this point I decided that I can safely move my Bear fandom to obsession and decided to spend a Sunday reading up, watching videos and learn everything I can about the Bears' history.

I am technically set to graduate in 2010 but I probably will graduate next year, and while I really don't like the city of Berkeley (sorry it's true), and won't miss the classes I'll miss being able to walk up to Memorial and watch the games every Saturday. But I'll still try to get my ass up there as much as possible and sneak into the student section until I die.


That's my lame story. What's yours? (wow this does sort of sound like that video)

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