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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 6

Someone forgot to Get the Lawnmower, because it got ran over by the Pain Train.

Really, it's nice how half my team decides they all want to play like they're playing for Auburn at the same time.  Actually, that's charitable.  Auburn's offense may have been able to do better.  But you know what's even better is that this week I get to play Avi, and his team only doubled my score last week.  Should be all kinds of exciting!

As for the Pick'Em, a quick persual of the standings of the on the right side of the page should reveal that your party host is back in first.  Ok, tied for first, but still.



It's Yellow Fever's world!  Party time!  Excellent!


And as for CBKWit, for all that bellyaching about not getting his picks in on time, he managed to go a nifty 8-8.  Me?  12-4.  I rule.  Now about those Eagles...