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Cal v. Arizona State 10.4.08 Post Game Thread

If you are confused as to why there are like 5 empty posts all of a sudden, START WITH THE FIRST QUARTER THREAD AND WORK YOUR WAY UP

Since many, if not all, of our Marshawnthuasiasts will be away from computers during the game, we are putting up the Open Threads early.  Use this one to discuss your immediate post game reaction for the Cal v. ASU game on 10.4.08.  Here is the PreGame/First Quarter thread  Here is the Second Quarter thread.  Here is the Third Quarter Thread.  Here is the Fourth Quarter thread.

When we return to our computers, we will work on a more in depth post-game thoughts thread and craft a poll that better reflects what actually occurred in the game than those "Insta-Polls."  Until then, use this thread to discuss your thoughts, win or lose.

We've been posting a lot recently.  So, if you missed anything, look at our Post CSU thoughts, our CSU photos, photos, and more photos, the Fantasy Week In Review, and our debate over Top 25 rankings.  Also, the Roundtable and Conspiracy Post and Eating the Enemy.  Plus, the Q+A with House Of Sparky and my pathetic attempt at analysis