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Cal v. Arizona State 10.4.08 Pre-Game And First Quarter

Since the game is so early in the day, the pre-game chatter will probably be fairly limited. So, let's combine that with the first quarter thread to save a post.

We're also going to try something new. The California Golden Blogs Insta-Poll. For those watching the game on TV and commenting live, don't forget to vote in our Insta-Poll. This will help capture the feelings of the electorate (i.e. Cal fans) as the game progresses. Were we really depressed after the first quarter only to feel great again by the 3rd? Now, historians can pour over this data. Which I'm sure they will. That's just what historians do!

We've been posting a lot recently. So, if you missed anything, look at our Post CSU thoughts, our CSU photos, photos, and more photos, the Fantasy Week In Review, and our debate over Top 25 rankings. Also, the Roundtable and Conspiracy Post and Eating the Enemy. Plus, the Q+A with House Of Sparky and my pathetic attempt at analysis.