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YouTube Thursday - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Hmm.  Oregon.  Where should we start?


Yah.  That'll work.

Cal and Oregon have had some crazy games in recent years.


And of course THIS PLAY:

And of course, who could forget 2004:

But hey lets give the Oregon fans something to look at:

I love Requiem For A Dream soundtrack, dont you?

And not every school can say it has its own airplane:

We're going up against Masoli at QB.  He comes from CCSF.  Hey, didnt we once have a QB from CCSF.  Booya?  Baayo?  Something like that.  I've completely wiped that from my mind:

We'll also be facing Patrick Chung (of the verb Patrick Chung):

Normally, I might put a music video here or something like that.  But in honor of the awesomeness known as October 29, 2008, let's just watch this right here.  Right fucking here.  RIGHT.  HERE: