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YouTube Thusday: Who is this hot young coaching star?

All I know is that he won some sort of Coach Of The Year Award.  What a superstud!

I hope we learn more about this Karl Dorr-ell in the coming months.  What's he up to these days anyway?

Mucho UCLA 2008 Football Vids online:

I've never been a huge fan of jazz drummers.  Not anything against them personally, it's just not the way I internalize music.  I went to go see Elvin Jones a few years back at Yoshi's before he passed and it was OK.  Not great.  OK. 

But Art Blakey, he's different.  He seems able to get the best out of his sidemen.  I've always felt Wynton Marsalis' finest work was with Blakey in the 80s.  I've found a really sweet YouTube video of "Time Will Tell."  I bought a CD version of the Blakey-Marsalis work in 1999  on a trip to England.  I listened to that CD over and over and over and over and over and over.  It really opened my mind up musically.  The Jazz Messengers were amazing, because they went for so long.

Unfortunately, there is no video in this version.  So, I can't exactly tell if its the Wynton Marsalis-era version that I love.  It sounds like it, thats for sure.  It's two parts.  Enjoy!