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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 8

It's always nice when you leave 31 points on the bench...and realize it wouldn't have made a difference anyway.


But I guess that was to be expected, since I think the only other time I lost was the same weekend that Cal lost.  Water under the bridge now, but that's another reason you should root for the lawnmower.


West Division
hydro_tech 6-2
Get the Lawnmower! 5-3
The Purple Erkels 3-5
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots 3-5
Maharg 1-7

East Division
The Bear Necessities 6-2
Golden_Zigers 6-2
Boller Believers! 5-3
Longshorebos 3-5
Pappy's Revenge 2-6

 Really.  Just when you thought the Maharg couldn't get any more useless.

And after begging for someone to stand alone in first in the Pick'em league, that came true this weekend, but it wasn't me.  It was our dear ragnarok standing alone with 81 correct after a 9/18 week, which means, wow.  We're all pretty awful.