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YouTube Thursday: Nothing Screams Complex Legal System Like Arizona State

We've got a lot of stuff coming up.  Hydro takes a look at conspiracy theories.  Yellow Fever works his culinary magic.  We've got a Q+A with House of Sparky and a preview of ASU.  So, keep your eyes locked here. 

Before we get to the YTT, we've been posting a lot recently.  So, if you missed anything, look at our Post CSU thoughts, our CSU photos, photos, and more photos, the Fantasy Week In Review, and our debate over Top 25 rankings.  Also, the Roundtable.  And now back to the regularly scheduled YTT:

They have all these videos about laws.  There's like hundreds of ASU Football Laws.  Here's #13:

Before we look at some more of their laws, let's take a lot at their most well known player: QB Rudy Carpenter.  Excuse me: sublimely supine QB, Rudy Carpenter:



Hopefully, we'll see a bunch of that this Saturday.

Let's take this to the next level!



What video retrospective would be complete without a mustachioed devil creature with odd sneakers:


According to these videos, they have a highly complex ASU Sun Devil legal system with at least 165 laws.  I have to wonder what these laws are.

16.  Do not have any other Mascots besides me, unless they also sport molestaches.

45.  Thou Shalt Not Recruit Offensive Linemen

125:  Neither shall you covet your neighbour’s mascot. Neither shall you desire your neighbour’s offensive line, or long tenured coach, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

They have this odd obsession with this neighbour, who apparently has a ton of fucking cool shit.  I have GOT to meet this neighbour.

 A final video on Remembering Pat Tillman:

"I Was Made To Love Her" is one of Stevie Wonder's finest songs and that is saying a lot.  Here is an interesting live version from 1967, starring the FABULOUS Stevie Wonder: