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YouTube Thursday - Willie T!

No, not our delightfull fulback Will Tu'ou'falasgijaoeig, but Arizona QB Willie Tuitama.  I feel like he started at Arizona sometime in the mid to late 90s.  He's been around for a while.

Tuitama has taken many a hit in his time.  Here's one:

All those hits have made him sound like this:

And now, some highlight videos:


They have all these videos of people saying why they are Arizona fans:


Ever wonder why they say "Bear Down" when their mascot is the Wildcat(z)?

The "Point And Laugh" meter is off the charts with this one:


Often I end a YouTube Thursday with a song I am really obsessing over.  Nothing like that right now, so I just thought I'd end it with some classic Sonny Rollins.  I tried to find a good Tenor Madness, but couldn't.  My One And Only Love from 1982 it is!

Love his outfit, btw.