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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 7



Avinash and I have already discusssed this, but yes, I won our showdown.  Had he played Evan Royster over Jeremiah Johnson he would have eked out a one point victory...but then, had Brandon Tate not blown out his knee in the first quarter I'm fairly certain he would have recorded at least two points.  So let's not get it twisted.  I mean, let's see what Herm has to say about this.

"Let's not get this thing twisted and think we backed into this deal. We didn't lose, we won. Every team that played this weekend played at home and had an opportunity to get into the playoffs just like us. We just happened to win. What's wrong with that? So, let's not get it twisted and say, 'Well, they're lucky.' We didn't get lucky. We won." — Herm Edwards

So don't get it twisted.  GET THE LAWNMOWER!  VROOM VROOM

As far as this week's big matchups, Get The Lawnmower, led by Chase Daniel, Kendall Hunter, and Javon Ringer, take on HydroTech and his merry band of footballers led by Juice Williams, Manuel Johnson, and Charles Scott.  Hey, I had Juice Williams backing up Chase Daniel before!  If you think the Lawnmower is going to lose to its former backup,  your ass is grass and the lawnmower is going to cut it.

Around the league, the Fighting Mahargs also take their shot at Avi's Bear Necessities, Beast Mode's team Pappy's Revenge tackles CBKWit's Longshorebos, the Purple Erkels battle the Golden Zigers, and the Rock'em Sock'em Robots play the Boller Believers!  Amazingly, there's more than one of them.

I'm still tied for first in the Pick'Em league, although after a less than stellar 7/17 week, I'm now tied with both the Valiant Carpetbaggers and your hero ragnarok.  One of these days we may eventually have someone break away from the pack and hold sole possession of of these days.