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Cal v. ASU Photo Essay: 1st Half

March Up

Warm Ups 1

Warm Ups 2

The plan was to put these last two up yesterday.  But RoyRules' post on Cal history was so well done and elicited so much discussion, it knocked everything back.  So, enjoy these now! 

Well, we finally made it to our seats, just as the rain was starting to die down.  The band was out on the field, doing its pregame show and I looked up to see this disasterous event:


For those who aren't exactly Cal Scenesters, the Drum Major throws the baton high in the air before the game and, legend has it, if he catches it, we have 7 more weeks of winter.  And Cal loses the game!  Well, Ok, only half of that is true.  And it seems even less likely that it's ACTUALLY true.  But that's the superstition!  Generally, the Drum Majors are good at catching it, but with the rain etc etc etc.  Actually, there has been some controversy this year at the Drum Major position.

Last year's Drum Major started off the season well catching batons left and right.  Then, he had a rough catch at the OSU game and dropped many batons in the ensuing games.  It was always close, but just at the last moment, his hand would slip or he'd conk himself in the head with it and the baton would touch field.  Many band groupies clamored for the backup Drum Major to come in, but he never saw the field.  He practiced catching batons left and right all week long and during the sidelines during games.  But it never meant much.

This year fans were ecstatic when the backup Drum Major got his shot.  But look at what happened up there.  Just look at it!  Luckily, Nate Longshore managed to overcome the new Drum Major and win the game.  Praise Be To Tedford for Nate Longshore, otherwise Frankie Garland would be KILLING us.  Just KILLING us!

And you just know (KNOW!) that Kevin Riley couldn't have overcome that disaster.  Now, on to some fotografias!


But enough about that, let's get to some photos!  We've got football to see!

But first, the fly-over!  To celebrate Sec119s attendance at the game.  Go Sec119!


RallyComm had placed pom poms at each seat in the stands (our section at least).  But with the rain, it looked like there'd be a Muppet Holocaust that day. 



Never forget. 

The team came running out.


Then, quickly, Nate Longshore came running out to start the game to a smattering of cheers and boos.  Riley had been announced as the starter, but I guess that was all a swerve.  They got you, ASU!

He's got some mobility back!


I didn't get as many in game photos this week.  As I have mentioned previously, I get superstitious if I'm taking a photo and something bad happens.  During large parts of the first half I thought photo equaled bad event.  And even when I did take a photo, it didn't always come out great.  I missed the action here:




Syd waits for the punt as people wave their pom poms.  Bee Tee Dubzzzzz, Syd was SydBonering all over the place on D, even with all the effort he put out on punt returns.  He didn't have amazing returns like last week, but it still has to weigh on him.  He is truly an amazing athlete.


They had a tribute to UCPD for its efforts with the tree-sitters.  Mad cheers were heard for that!



Even Oski was getting into the "Thankful" action!

We had a crazy section that kept sending people up on TDs.  At one point, they tried to send 3 people up through me.  What am I, Hercules???????  I liked hippie guy behind us.  That guy was great!


The OLine resting between drives.


No idea what's happening here.


I think this is Felder getting the sack that is shown in the first photo in HydroTech's post-game thoughts.



Here are some photos that TrisWeb sent me.  They are EPICALLY better than mine, which is why I've put them last.  So, you have to look at mine first.  Ha!  Suckers!






I like Morrah on the right there.  Solid block!

We went into halftime up 17-7 with the defense having an impressive showing so far.  Their second half would be EVEN better!


Up next, we'll have the second half photos to finish up our 5 post trip through the ASU game.  Enjoy!  Go Bears!