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YouTube Thursday - As It Turned Out, Every Game *Did* Count!


Every Yard?  Yes!  They count!  Every Hit?  OH HECK YUP!  They totes count. I didn't think at the start of the year that every game would count.  I figured they might take a few and throw em out. ...



For a generation of Cal fans, this is our The Play.  Raised on a diet of stale The Play memories, we wanted to create our own Big Game legend.  Our own Big Game stories.  Telling our grandchildren...



I repeat do not watch it.  I swear to everything holy, if you watch it, you will regret it.  I don't know why I'm putting it up here.  There's no logical reason.  No reasonable reason. Yet, here...

YouTube Thusday: Who is this hot young coaching star?


All I know is that he won some sort of Coach Of The Year Award.  What a superstud! I hope we learn more about this Karl Dorr-ell in the coming months.  What's he up to these days anyway?Mucho...

YouTube Thursday - Willie T!


No, not our delightfull fulback Will Tu'ou'falasgijaoeig, but Arizona QB Willie Tuitama.  I feel like he started at Arizona sometime in the mid to late 90s.  He's been around for a while. T...

YouTube Thursday - Are You Ready For Some Football?


Well, you are screwed, then, because this is about the olympics.  It's been all football all the time around here and that's great, but it's bye week and so we figured let's take a look at...

YouTube Thursday: Nothing Screams Complex Legal System Like Arizona State


We've got a lot of stuff coming up.  Hydro takes a look at conspiracy theories.  Yellow Fever works his culinary magic.  We've got a Q+A with House of Sparky and a preview of ASU.  So, keep your...

YouTube Thursday - Football Review Session


A lot of football has taken place, much of it involving Cal football players.  Now, if you are anything like me, instead of getting to watch many of those great DeSean or Rodgers moments, you have...

YouTube Thursday - Teenage Mutant Ninja Terrapins!


Let's be honest.  Even in the midst of Turtle Trap Week (not to be confused with Trutle Tarp Week), you couldn't care less about watching YouTube clips of Jordan Steffy, Darius Heyward-Bey, and...

YouTube Thursday: These Cougar Videos Are Nowhere Near As Hot As You Might Think


Yes, I know.  You want more cougar jokes.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Demi Moore and Britney Spears.  hardy har har.  But that joke is SO yesterday. Football is coming up.  So, forget about hot older...

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