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Tosh Lupoi article by ESPN recruiting


Cal assistant coach Tosh Lupoi is a rising star, but his success traces back to a legendary market his grandfather built using the same drive and passion that Tosh is known for.

2nd Annual New Alumni Basketball Bash, Featuring Tosh Lupoi


Who: Exclusive for Cal new alumni, 2006-11 Date: Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011 | 3:30pm Where: Alumni House Cost: $25 (catered meal from Buckhorn + free ticket to Cal-Arizona hoops game as well) Cal hoops celebrities + Tosh talking about the new recruiting class. Sounds like fun. norcalnick and I will be in attendance. Who else wants to come? Let me know in the comments so you know what disguise I'm wearing!

Potential Texas Defensive Coordinator Justin Wilcox Seeking Out Tosh Lupoi ($)


This isn't the first time our super recruiter has been offered a plum opportunity. Lupoi I believe was rumored for several jobs last year and took none of them. I imagine we're going to hear these sort of things happen year after year. Of course, the fact that it's Wilcox (former Cal linebackers coach when Lupoi was playing) should give Cal fans plenty of reason to fret. But let's let this play out--hopefully Tosh will get enough of a raise for his outstanding recruiting efforts, and this rumor (like the ones from last year) will amount to nothing.

Tosh Lupoi named Rivals Recruiter of the Year


"While recruiting is a team effort and the whole staff played vital roles in our recruiting success, Tosh is worthy of being recognized as doing an exceptional job," Bears coach Jeff Tedford said. "His dedication to develop strong relationships and communicate the great opportunities that Cal provides makes him a very strong recruiter." Lupoi was involved in signing many of Cal’s top recruits, including Chris Martin, Keenan Allen, Nick Forbes, Gabe King, Cecil Whiteside and Chris McCain. Go Tosh! (HT chowder)

Cal Football Coaching Salaries


Tedford ranks 11th in total salary, 11th in overall, 19th in other things, and 40 something in max bonuses. Cal's assistants are ranked 46th in total payroll, 45th for highest salary (Ludwig), 45th for lowest salary (Lupoi). Interesting to see Marshall making so much given the results so far and Gould and Alamar making the same amount (ugh). Hat-tip SF Bear!

Cal has Six of Top 250 Rivals Recruits


Very quietly this summer, the Golden Bears are on the road to compiling one of their best classes since the famous 2005 class headlined by Desean. Hat-tip to joffle for bringing this to our attention. Here are the Cal commits appearing on the most recent Rivals 250 list (with positional rankings, which apparently have not been updated yet): 44 – Nick Forbes (7th OLB) 95 – Cecil Whiteside (6th OLB) 111 – Tevin Carter (NR WR) 140 – Austin Hinder (2nd pro-style QB) 200 – Alex Crosthwaite (22nd OT) 219 – David Wilkerson (NR ILB) So whenever you see Tosh Lupoi walking around Cal, take him to Top Dog and buy him a beer afterwards. Or send him the finest beverages in all the land.

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