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Pac-12 Cable Network Targeted For Launch In 2012, According to SportsBusiness Journal


Interesting points being made here. *ESPN, FOX have shown the most interest, and the Pac-12 has an exclusive negotiation window through April 30, 2011; Comcast is interested too, and they'll soon control NBC. Three very good possibilities for primary TV distribution outside the potential cable network. *The programming schedule would be filled with over 2500 live events from the conference. It's expected all the Pac-12 football and basketball games not televised elsewhere would be picked up which is what everyone has wanted forever. *It would also contain more "premium content" than the BTN, meaning there could be more marquee high-profile matchups. *Schools would contribute all television and other digital rights to the network. *Industry executives aren't sure if the network will succeed like the Big Ten Network. The biggest impediment could be distribution; how many cable/satellite providers would be willing to include the channel in their digital subscription packages outside the West Coast (and most importantly in California?).

Conventional Pac-12 Alignment: North-South Or Northwest-Southeast?


If the new Pac-12 conference were to split up into two conventional divisons, would you prefer the North-South split that would keep Cal, Stanford, USC and UCLA together in the same division, or...

2010 The Final Year Of The Pac-10; Utah Joining In 2011, Colorado Too?


The Pac-10 as we know it will be entering its final season in 2010; Utah will be joining in the 2011-12 season, and Colorado is likely to follow. No decisions have been made yet on a conference...

Texas A&M Planning to Join SEC, Wooing Oklahoma; Kansas to Get Pac-10 Invite?


Chip Brown is saying that Texas A&M plans to join SEC, is wooing indecisive Oklahoma to come with them, and that Kansas, not Utah, would get the last Pac-10 invite?

Will the final Pac-10 invitation go to Texas A&M, Utah or Kansas?


Final bit of expansion news for the week: Word is that if the Aggies continue to drag their feet or pine for that SEC bid, the conference will extend their hand to Kansas, with their long storied basketball program and generally better academic tradition. Who would you prefer to see join the conference? The Utes might not be out of the running either. (HT Block U!)

Chip Brown Says Texas to join Pac-10 next Tuesday


Texas will announce its plans to join the Pac-10 after its regents meet next Tuesday, source confirm to Orangebloods.com.

Larry Scott Ponders Future Pac-10 Expansion Candidates


Where will the ambitious Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott look next in expanding his ever growing conference? CalTech, University of British Columbia, even Alaskan Moose are up for grabs!

Cal Coaches Tour 2010 Recap: Sandy Barbour & Jeff Tedford Edition


We recap what Sandy Barbour and Jeff Tedford had to say about Cal athletics and Cal football respectively at the Cal Coaches Tour. Topics about the Golden Bears included the SAHPC, the upcoming...

Pac-10 Expansion Scenarios: Will The Conference Play, Or Get Played?


How will the Pac-10 play the expansion game? Will they invite six teams from the Big 12, invite just Colorado and Utah, combine with the Big 12 outright, or stay the same?

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