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FB Eric Stevens Sustains "Significant" Leg Injury, WR Jackson Bouza Breaks Finger


JO reports that Stevens had to be helped off the field after a serious leg injury. Stevens was atop the depth chart, followed by Will Kapp and John Tyndall. We'll probably get more details later tonight and tomorrow. UPDATE: Jackson Bouza (who'd been performing well in camp) broke his finger and will require surgery. Alejandro Crosthwaite suffered a stinger after getting blown up by Mustafa Jalil on an offside call. Jason Gibson suffered a high ankle sprain.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Cal-Oregon Injury Report: Nose Tackle Derrick Hill Questionable


Hill didn't play against the Cougars because of a shoulder injury. If Hill is limited or out, this could force Cal back into their 2 defensive end, 2 outside linebacker format they've showcased this season, or they could run with the three defensive end set they played against the Cougs and other opponents in their 3-4. I don't know exactly what the best matchup would be against the Ducks. Other guys to watch and see if they play a lot--D.J. Holt, Keith Browner and Kendrick Payne, all of whom either didn't suit up or played sparingly or ineffectively last week. As reported earlier this week, Mike Mohamed and Keenan Allen should play. Instant analysis: This increases the chances we give up more points.

i guess im out for the season #palmsup


i guess im out for the season #palmsup

Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson relays us the bad news via his Twitter. Although CDJ is mostly the third running back at this point, it puts the onus on Shane Vereen and Isi Sofele to carry the load for the rest of the season. I doubt Dasarte Yarnway will touch the ball unless it's extreme garbage time. (HT EchoOfSilence) Get well man, see you in 2011. Go Bears!

Keenan Allen & Mike Mohamed Expected To Play Versus Oregon


(Moraga Bear confirms that Allen didn't suffer any damage to his meniscus. Also Mike Mohamed had a broken thumb against Wazzu but it's healing quickly.) Instant analysis: This increases the chance that we score points and that we give up less points.

Jeff Tedford Will No Longer Disclose Injuries. Good Idea?


Jeff Tedford has said he'll no longer disclose injuries concerning the California Golden Bears football team after discussing Keenan Allen and Mike Mohamed. Is this a good idea?

Keenan Allen's Ankle And Hip Problems Limited Him In Nevada


This apparently slipped through the cracks, but on a Saturday morning interview after the game, Jeff Tedford disclosed to Mike Schumann of ABC7 that Allen didn't practice at all this week. This might explain why we saw a lot of Michael Calvin and Alex Lagemann as opposed to Allen on the field on Friday night, and why Kevin Riley and Allen never seemed to be on the same page And why Allen wasn't able to spring high enough to adjust to that first Riley slight overthrow and pick. Thanks to Kodiak for finding this tidbit. Get well Keenan. We need you down the road. Don't forget to vote in the CGB Top 25. If you haven't yet, fill out the Report Card!

Syd'Quan might not play in the Poinsettia Bowl


Let's start with the bad news. The ankle that kept Syd out of most of the Washington game has kept him out of every practice leading into the game. If Syd weren't to play, Marc Anthony would get the start over Darian Hagan. Updated injury report: Jahvid (out), MSG (out), Josh Hill (out), Syd'Quan (questionable). I'm getting a bad feeling.

Jahvid out for Washington


Hopefully we see you for the bowl game #4.

Anthony Miller has surgery, will miss Oregon State (Plus more bad news)


This blows. Hopefully Curran is ready on Saturday to grab those catches in the coverage holes. UPDATE--Okanes reports Summers-Gavin and Hill are not likely to play on Saturday. Additionally, Best is nursing a concussion, a foot injury, and a cold, although he should practice tomorrow and play Saturday.

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