About The Golden Bloggers

Who we are:

TwistNHook - TwistNHook is like a fine wine.  Overpriced, overhyped, he always leaves you unsatisfied in the end.  People say he's funny.  All we know is that here at the CGB, we deal with the two most important things in the world: college football and the internet.

And that's no laughing matter.

Ragnarok:  The serious one.  Occasionally funny, but mostly not.  Still, he'll provide you with useful information and serious answers to your inquires most of the time.

HydroTech:  The smart one.  He knows more about football than you.  Unless your name is Jeff Tedford (or "God").  In which case, stop reading Cal sports blogs and get to work on figuring out how to beat USC!

Yellow Fever:  One of a select number of people who have:

1) Stalked Vince Carter in a Bloomingdale's
2) Gotten a Cal hat signed by Derrick Favors
3) Shaken Jeff Tedford's hand
4) Commiserated over Jahvid Best's draft stock with Sandy Barbour
5) Spent a night on the town with DeSean Jackson

Ok, maybe not the last one.

CBKWit:  The absent one.  I'd write a short bio, but I haven't yet gleaned enough info from his 3 total posts to get an accurate picture of who this guy is.

 The honest one. The one who cracks the whip. Imagine Patton directing those tanks through Normandy. He's Patton and everyone else is those poor tanks. Hopefully they're not going to run out of gas.

If we had official titles, he'd be something like the editorial operations director (writes, edits, directs). But titles are for monarchies.

Berkelium97:  The intrepid reporter and Mr. Reliable.  You've heard of Old Faithful?  Big Ben?  Amateurs.  If there's Cal news to be found, you can count on him to find it.  When he's not digging up all news stories Cal-related, he's attending various Pac-10 media events.  And when he's not at Pac-10 media events, he plays with mounds of data for his next stats-based post.

Norcalnick: A 4th generation Cal grad who grew up on Dameane Douglas, Randy Duck and Tony Gonzalez, and has attended every Big Game since his 10th birthday.  He graduated from Cal in 2007 without watching Cal lose to Stanford during his time as a student, something the rest of his family is very jealous about.

He fell in love with Cal women's basketball while following the exploits of Ashley Walker, Alexis Gray-Lawson and Devanei Hampton and was brought on to write about the team for CGB starting in the 2009-10 season.  He also writes about the exploits of Monty's charges, fills the role of CGB's Sacramento correspondent, and promises to try to write as much as he can about Cal baseball for as long as the program continues to exist.

solarise:  Wears bumblebee gold to the gym everyday. TwistNHook & Avinash recruited him to dominate. He tends to take things too seriously. Unintentional comedy ensues.   

Kodiak:  Kodiak is the 4th generation of his family to graduate from Cal.  He used to have a life, but got tricked into spawning two little girls.  Their arrival also contributed to breaking a more than two decades-long streak of attendance at home football and basketball games.  Now he pulls double-duty working with the Hit Squad and helping out with front-page content.  

LeonPowe:  CGB Hit Squad member LeonPowe is not the hard rebounding power forward who led the Cal Bears in the early 2000s, but rather a 1996 Cal grad who lives in China and believes that Monty Buckley is the best Bear ever. LP monitors the overnight shift for CaliforniaGoldenBlogs.

 Though he is primarily known for his fondness for proper grammar and punctuation, he's not just some grumpy language scold. Well, he's not grumpy anyway. Despite the screen name, he is not one of the many CGB chemists; rather, he belongs in the hallowed "Indian" circle of the famed CGB Venn Diagram. If you're wondering, "atoms are enough" comes from a Les Savy Fav song.

 Ohio Bear, as his screen name implies, lives in Ohio.  He graduated from Cal in the early 1990s and covered Cal sports for KALX while a student.  Ohio Bear's fondest memories of his undergraduate years were the 1991 Cal football season and being a play-by-play voice for Cal baseball and women's basketball.  Despite not currently being in the broadcasting business, Ohio Bear's dream job is to be Joe Starkey's successor as the play-by-play voice of Cal football.   

CALumbusBear:  CALumbus Bear was dragged kicking and screaming to CGB by Ohio Bear, but eventually became the Self-Appointed Chief Ultra Justice of the CGB Supreme Court. Because he liked being a powerless figurehead, he was recruited to the Hit Squad and now spends most of his time trying to avoid providing general site content.  He graduated from Cal in 1996 and has been spreading Cal love in Ohio for over a decade.

The story so far...

The date was November 29, 2006.  An innocent IM conversation by two Cal alums bored at work takes an interesting turn as TwistNHook says to Ragnarok, "Dude, we should start a Cal blog."  Yellow Fever and two other writers were quickly recruited, and before the day was done, a blog was started and posts were posted.  And nothing would ever be the same.

Unfortunately, it would take a little while for the world to notice.  Months passed.  Two of the initial Golden Bloggers departed.  Cal Basketball sucked.  Hardly anyone read our blog.  Then, in March of 2007, we interviewed HydroTech, a college buddy of Twist and Rags, asking him to recount his days with the football team.  However, after the interview, we were so impressed with his knowledge that we asked him to join us soon after, and three became four.  Slowly, an audience began to build.

After the devastating UCLA game in October of 2007, CBKWit sent us this completely unsolicited blog post, which was so good that we happily posted it.  In the weeks that followed, he several times expressed interest in joining our blogging efforts.  Late in November, as Ragnarok desired some help covering the upcoming basketball season, we acquiesced, and four became five.

By Spring of 2008, CGB was getting to be kind of a big deal.  Or so we thought.  We had no idea how much bigger we could get.  But SBN did.  They approached us with the idea of revitalizing their flagging Cal blog, which was getting close to shutting down.  Twist and Rags, both longtime readers of Athletics Nation, the very first SBN blog, were immediately interested, and in the end, it was a no-brainer decision.  On May 15, 2008, CGB launched at SBN.  We had finally hit the big time!

From there, things only began to get bigger.  So big, in fact, that in March of 2009, CGB brought on a sixth blogger, Avinash of rival Cal blog Bears Necessity, to help manage the ever-increasing load.  So much was going on around here, in fact, that in August of 2009, we brought on Berkelium97, who had already done some great coverage of the Pac-10 media days that summer.  He approached us with the idea of compiling a daily links post for CGB, an idea we happily let him run with.  Thus six became seven.

In January 2010, seven became eight with the addition of norcalnick.  Nick has done yeoman's work turning our coverage of women's basketball from an afterthought into something actually respectable, and he brings a fresh perspective to the rest of our coverage, as well.

Since then, we've also added solarise to round out our recruiting coverage.  Further, to ensure that everybody enjoys their time here at CGB, we created a team of community moderators called the Hit Squad.  They consist of Kodiak, atomsareenough, LeonPowe, CALumbusBear, and OhioBear.

In any case, this is where we stand today.  Have a look around, enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions or comments about the site, feel free to contact us at goldenblogs@gmail.com.

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