Memorial Stadium Upgrade

GN: Lynch holds out, Dykes looks forward


Golden Nuggets: Marshawn Lynch seeks his value with Seahawks, Sonny Dykes sees a foundation for improvement in 2014.

GN: International theme this weekend for Cal.


Golden Nuggets: Gareth Bale nets a golazo, Internazionale wins a thriller, Tarrago leads Spain to Gold, and Mythbusters!

GN: Memorial hosts wedding, Real - Internazionale


Classic California Memorial Stadium adopts beautifully with the times into a world class event site, hosting a wedding and, this weekend, Real Madrid and Internazionale.

GN: Why weren't Vols fans upset to lose Martin?

Why were some Vols fans somewhat happy to lose a successful coach like Cuonzo Martin? How does the NCAA lawsuit affect Cal Athletics, Russell White, and Joe Igber?

Cal football field naming rights for sale!


What should we name the field our players at Memorial Stadium stand upon?

More on Memorial Finances


How does the situation look now?

Sandy Barbour chats about new Memorial


Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour talks about the new Memorial Stadium and what renovations could be occurring in the future.

VIDEO: New California Memorial Stadium Tour


Take a look around the new Cal Memorial Stadium for the California Golden Bears! And the visiting locker rooms still suck.

Top Dog Roundtable: Coming To A Memorial Stadium Near You?


Could Top Dog be coming to the newly renovated California Memorial Stadium this year? We discuss whether hot links or bockwurst or calabrese or linguica should be on the menu.

Thank Yous


via Well, it is over.  The tree-sitters came down voluntarily, avoiding a messy extraction and now some inane committee will be formed and summarily ignored (Edit:  Apparently,...

A Day In The Life Of The God Pod


"God, it really stinks up here.  I wish somebody would cut me down.  What is this?  White-coated arborists building a giant staircase to take me down?  Yay!!!!  Come soon, new friends!  Come soon!" ...

Let's Stay Safe Out There, People


Be careful now.  You don't want to get hurt.  Your health is your most important thing. Your health and Cal football.  Don't make us choose!  Live feed thread 1 was getting a bit bulky.  The Live...

Tree-Sitter Extraction Live Blog


I moved the previous text to the entry body behind the fold.  I just spoke with Goldblooded.  He is at the grove right now.  He says that they are constructing a metal tower around the base of the...

This has GOT to be internet history Part II


The first ever LIVEBLOG of a bunch of trees getting cut down.  Watch it on the ABC Live Feed.  And comment inside!  That other thread was getting bulky!  Go Bears! Dan Mogulof MUST BE STOPPED: "...

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Coming Of The Chainsaws!


Reports have been flooding in all morning that work has started on cutting down the Oak Grove.  Just wanted to put this out there, so those who aren't combing through the DBD will be aware.  We've...

Something Happened, Let's Figure It Out Inside!


I just got an email from the Court saying the Petition denied, I think.  It is long and confusing  Reading it NOW.  Linky! Help figuring this out, people   Ok, I'm trying to figure this out...

Heath Ledger's The Volker Is An Agent Of Anarchy


Stephan Volker is not a man for reasonable discourse.  He is a man of bluster and histrionics.  After Cal received the favorable ruling, he had this to say: Volker said he is confident of...

Mr. CBKWit Goes to Berkeley, Part II


In the second part of my heroic battle against government corruption, corporate interests (who do you think is supplying the tree-sitters with all this food?   Big Oak, that's who!  also, local...

Mr. CBKWit Goes to Berkeley, Part I


Life is generally not much like a Kevin Costner movie (well, like his movies, life often sucks, but the details are different - I have never battled Dennis Hopper on a futuristic gunboat, for one),...



City Hall Meeting Today at 5.  I just spoke with CBKWit and he said the meeting with Councilmember Capitelli went well.  However, this process is not over yet.  Everybody's presence is more...

But wait! That's not all. There's more!


These are busy times, my friends.  Busy, important times.  And we have to do what we can as concerned citizens to help Cal in its time of need.  They can achieve much, but let's not forget that so...

Through The Eye Of A Needle


"Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven." - Matthew 6:1 "So when you give to the needy, do...

An Open Letter To The San Francisco Chronicle


via Dear San Francisco Chronicle, This is an open letter from just a single reader who goes by the name of TwistNHook on an unimportant blog you've probably never...

More From The Sacred Grove


(Ed Note:  More media from the Grove when CBKWit was up there last Wednesday, i.e. D-Day.  Enjoy!) If we here at CGB have learned anything this week, it's that Cal football fans love hippies.  Our...

Was It As Good For You As It Was For Us?


via "Wait, what?  The Alameda County Court website is working slightly slower than usual?  Ok, everybody click on it right now, this could mean something!  But, I'm going to...

How Much Is Memorial Stadium Worth?


Honestly, I don't have any idea how much the stadium is worth.  I don't even have a ballpark (ha!) figure.  But in the wake of yesterday's ruling, pretty much everything rests on answering that...

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