Cal v. Washington

Instant reaction: Comeback win over UW, 72–59

Cal starts things off down by double digits, only to end the game with a double-digit win.

Gamethread: Men's basketball vs. Washington

The Golden Bears (16–8, 7–4 Pac-12) have suffered from inconsistent play. Will they show up motivated to play UW?

Dogged: The Cal Football v. Washington Report Card

Once again, fun times for all...well, not really. But let's take a look and see what you the reader have to say about the Cal Football loss to Washington.

A Golden Spotlight on Cal vs. UW

Is Cal's patchwork defense getting better? How did the re-tooled Oline perform?

GN: Dykes says Goff is the "long-term" answer

So much for that quarterback competition...

Cal @ Washington Q3 Thread: Cal trails 24–7

Halftime + 3rd Quarter open thread. Can Cal recover from their first-quarter deficit and walk away with a win?


Before the raid: Previewing the Washington defense

Can the Cal offense score enough to end their Sark losing streak? Man, how awesome would it be if this game became our 2012 UCLA game?



An old high school friend of mine probably said it best, "Keep your head in the clouds, your feet in the sand, and never stick your hand in a beaver’s mouth." That was his yearbook quote, which...

Cal vs Washington Week: Moves at OL, Goff to Start

The Bears travel to Seattle this Saturday to play the Huskies. The Cal coaching staff is shaking things up at the QB & OL positions. Goff & Kline split 1st team reps in practice this week, while the OL has been undergoing some significant shuffling.

Previewing the Washington Offense

Cal is facing the Huskies at the best possible time. Washington has lost three in a row and its offense has sputtered as Keith Price struggles to play with a thumb injury. However, Cal will still have its hands full with Sankey and the run game.

Scouting Washington 2013 - Pac 12 Breakdown

The Huskies struggled on offense and defense against ASU, what can the Golden Bears take away from last week's game? GIFs and Photo breakdowns.

Washington Report Card: Only Somewhat Terrible

After the last two games, this week's report card doesn't look too bad!

What did you see as negatives from the UW game?

You know there were a ton. So see what we thought the negatives were, and then add your own to what you saw as the worst of the Washington game?

More UW Photos? You don't say!

We beat Texas in Women's Swimming. That's gotta count for something!

This No Longer Hurts

Want to hear HydroTech's Cal vs. UW post-game thoughts? Sure you do!

What did you see as positives from the UW game?

Disappointing result for sure, but there were some good things that happened. Read what we saw and then add in your own. What did you see as positives from the UW game?

Are you masochistic enough to look at UW photos?

Let's look at some photos of the Cal v. UW game. Why? Pure masochism!

Tedford: "The Program is Fine--We Had a Down Year"

Tedford talks about what went wrong against UW, his second losing season in three years, and the state of the program.

UW 21, Cal 13: Bears clinch a losing season

Cal loses its third straight game, falling 21-13 to Washington in a turnover fest at Memorial Stadium.

11/2/12 Cal vs UW 1st Quarter Thread

First quarter open thread: GO BEARS!


Friday night lights! Cal vs. UW pregame thread

Washington defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi raised quite a stir last January when left the Cal staff to join the Huskies' staff. Tonight marks the first time the teams have met since Lupoi's infamous defection.

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