Cal v. Utah

Post Spring Football Q&A About Utah


We check in with Block U, the Utah blog to see how they're feeling about the 2014 football season for the Utes.

Cal-Utah Report Card: EXPULSION


Report card responses are in: Cal football turns in one of its worst performances in recent memory.

A Golden Spotlight on Cal Football vs. Utah


Since the smartest Cal fans either ignored the game or turned it off at half, we break down one of the few plays worth watching.

What did you see as negatives from the Utah game?


There were plenty of them. Offense, defense, special teams. You name, it was negative. So what were the plays and moments that really stood out to you as negatives from the Utah game?

Can you help us find positives from the Utah game?


Our sunshine pump seems to have run dry. What sorts of positives did you see from the Cal football team in the Utah loss?

Jeff Tedford- "We Have Not Lost This Team"


Jeff Tedford says he and the Bears are eager to get back to work following the loss, says he and the coaching staff "have not lost this team"

Utah 49, Cal 27: A Bitter End Nears


Cal is dominated in every conceivable way in a shocking complete blowout loss to the 3-5 Utah Utes.

Fill out your Report Card on the 49-27 Utah loss


Fill out the report card inside!


Cal vs. Utah: Gear up with the pregame thread!

Cal tries to bounce back from a disappointing loss in the Big Game, taking on the Utah Utes

Cal vs. Utah post-practice pressers


What needs to change in order to win this week in perhaps one of the biggest make or break games of Tedford's coaching career.

Did the Big Game change how you feel about Utah?


Is Utah a winable game? Can Cal get back on track? How are you feeling about the Utah game? Share your thoughts here.

Scouting Utah: Rest of the Pac Breakdown


Utah was supposed to challenge USC for the Pac-12 South title, instead they are in the midst of rebuilding. What can GIFs from the recent Utah-Oregon State game tell us about the Utes?

Cal-Utah Score Predictions + Football Open Thread


The predictions are split 5-5 between Cal and Utah. First to get three touchdowns should win this one.

Q & A with Block U. This week: the Utes of Utah


Find out how the Utah Utes are doing thus far in this Q & A with Block U!

KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Previewing the Utah Offense


Cal has struggled with consistency, discipline and poor play on offense this season. Well, so has Utah!

What do we learn from the Utah week presser?


Utah Week Pressers. Check 'em out and get your mind of Saturday's catastrophe.

Roll On: Previewing The Utah Defense


What to expect when Cal has the ball against Star Lotulelei and company

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