Big Game

Cal v. furd Big Game Report Card - Mercifully Over

Not much to say here. New lows were reached. Let's take a look at what you thought about the Big Game.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Cal vs Stanford postgame thoughts


At least it's over.

GN: 116th Big Game is record-breakingly bad


2013 will go down as one of the worst seasons in the history of Cal football.

GN: Is anyone picking Cal in the Big Game?

Who would dare pick 31.5-point underdogs?

Previewing the Stanford Cardinal Offense


It's not a very good offense, but that shouldn't stop them from putting up 50+ points.

GN: "Character test" for Cal & Big Game stories


WR Bryce Treggs discusses the hardships of his Cal career and more quotes from the Big Game press conference.

Academic Probation: 115th Big Game Report Card


Cal could not take advantage of generous levels of Stanford herp-derpitude. This did not have a positive effect on report cards.

What did you think about the Big Game playcalling?


Take a look at some of the specific playcalls from the Big Game and then give your opinion on what Cal did on offense.

So what were the negatives from the Big Game?


You have to have some in mind. Read what others were disappointed in and then chime in and share what you saw.

Could you find any positives about the Big Game?


We looked long and hard and managed to come up with some positive aspects from last week's Big Game. What about you?? Did you see any?

A Golden Spotlight On The Big Game


Were there any glimmers of hope amidst the otherwise depressing morass?

Did somebody say Big Game Streaker?


At least here we have some photo and video of the streaker!

Cal goes small in Big Game.


Cal puts together a small effort in Big Game.

How great! Photos of the Big Game. SCORE!


Wow. That sucked. Oh well. Here are some photos. Try to hug a friend.

GN: Tedford Discusses Embarrassing Big Game Loss


After the game a frustrated Tedford talks about what went wrong on offense.

Stanford runs roughshod over Cal in the Big Game


Stanford held Cal to only three yards rushing en route to a 21-3 win in the 115th Big Game

Cal loses the Big Game: Grade the Performance


Discuss the Big Game here (report card inside)!


Your Pregame Thread for the 115th Big Game

Cal and Stanford renew their Bay Area rivalry today in the 115th Big Game


Big Game Post-Practice Reports

Cal senior offensive guard Dominic Galas will be available and could see his first action this season. He will not start. Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen also moves closer to the all-time receptions...

So, how are you feeling about the Big Game?


Cal seems to be on the upswing, Stanford on the downward. Does that change your feelings on the Big Game?

So what's your favorite Big Game memory?


Reminisce about what your favorite Big Game memory is and see what others think.

What's been on the Campanile for Big Game week?


The Campanile has featured symbols like the Block C, the California Marching Band, the Cal script, and the bear. But it also has had cool symbols like the Batman signal, the Star Wars Rebel...

GN: Cal-Stanford Predictions + Oregon-ASU Thread

This week everyone envisions a close-fought, low-scoring game. Home field advantage gives Cal a slight edge overall.


Cal band invades San Francisco!

Here's the Cal band in San Francisco, including Union Square, the cable cars, and Pier 39 dueling with the Stanfurd band.

Big Game v.115 10.20: Q & A with Rule of Tree


For the 115th edition of the Big Game, we talked with Rule of Tree. In this post, we find out whether QB Josh Nunes is any good, whether Stepfan Taylor scored against Notre Dame, and even who...

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