DBD 01.30.14 Day 3: Dearest Mildred...



The fighting has been fierce. We've already lost some good men to the SB Nation overlords. Lt. Oui We is MIA; Col. Scootie rarely has time for our Shenanigans these days; and Maj. Atoms might be transferring to a non-inanity company.

Maj. T. NHook wired a telegram of utmost urgency to the enemy outpost only to be trolololol'd by some bro who had the audacity to claim House of Sparky was far more important than our Sturdy Golden Blogs.

Field Marshall Redonk has promised to unleash a repost campaign that has yet to materialize. He did, however, engage in a haiku-off with Staff Sergeant Zoonews two days ago. Sadly, I could not, in good faith, rec the haikus and I hold much disdain for those who did. They shall eternally be relegated to the shit list. Oh, how I long for the repost campaign to begin, if only for the lulz as those less fortunate try to navigate the gif parade under the tyranny of IE8.

Colonel Andbears has returned to the fold, if only for the briefest of moments; as did Colonel Becker, if only for the #college-ing of young minds and hearts, though I fear her time is short and she may soon return to the pitch.

We have advanced forth, navigating the bureaucracy of our SBN overlords and have seen some promising early returns, but none seem to be enticing enough to wipe the blood stained smile from my face. Why are Ralphie and those woofers of the Great White Northwest deemed more worthy than we. Have we not met the standards set forth? Do we not generate enough meaningful content to drive unique hits? Sadly, we must come to grips with reality that we are in fact not 8 year old brats of the southern branch.





Staff Sergeant Zoonews suggests we take the gold. And we may just. However, upon further review of our options, we have elected to go with :



Golden Recs for our Golden Bears.

Victory doth seem to be upon us. Goodnight my dearest Mildred. For victory cannot be achieved with the pen alone. There are jokes to make, gifs to post with wry comments aplenty. Send my well wishes to the children for I long to gaze upon them under the shower of golden recs. Tomorrow we fight another day for California.

For California.

The hills send back the cry; we're out to do or die.

For California...


General Oso 1st Infantry Trololol Company CGB Army

The opinions expressed in a FanPost are, in every way, reflective of the opinions of every California Golden Blogs Marshawnthusiast. Moreover, they are reflective of every employee of SBNation, including Tyler "Blez" Bleszinski.

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