Cal vs. Portland State: Notes From The Press Box

Freshman RB Khalfani Muhammad was a bright spot on an otherwise shaky afternoon - Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Cal edged out Portland State 37-30 - in a surprisingly close victory on a warm afternoon in Berkeley. In the 2nd installment of the "Notes From The Press Box" series, we take a retrospective look at what CGB commenters & tweeters experienced as the game unfolded.

The story of the game was Cal's porous defense, particularly in the first two quarters. The unit struggled against PSU's pistol offense - allowing over 400 yards of total offense in the 1st half, before tightening up a bit in the 2nd. The running game didn't fare much better, averaging barely 4 yards a carry, even after being adjusted for sacks. True freshman QB Jared Goff, on the other hand, followed last week's record performance with another 400-plus yard afternoon: He threw for 485 yards, with 2 TDs and no INT's, and also ran for 1 TD.

In the 2nd installment of the Notes From the Press Box series, let's take a "meta" look at what our commenters & tweeters were experiencing as the game unfolded. [please let us know if you'd like your comment removed]


Beautiful day, but very warm in the stands:

Redonk brought his A-game, as usual:

The crowd arrived late, perhaps foreshadowing the defense:

1st Quarter

PSU scored first, on ... a long pass to an [inside receiver]:


Brendan Bigelow started, but Khalfani Muhammad tied the score 7-7:

It didn't take long for PSU to score though:


Vince D'Amato made it 14-10:

The 1st Quarter stats were weren't pretty:

2nd Quarter

Down 20-10, Cal was officially on upset alert:


Jared Goff made it 20-17 with a QB keeper:

Pac-12 Refs ... 'nuff said:


Maurice Harris' 1-handed catch made it 24-20 Cal:


KamJack's INT was followed by a KM big play:

Teams trade FG's and the 1st half comes to a merciful end:


3rd Quarter

Team grade [B+ for O & F+ for D => C-]:

Another PSU TD gave them a 30-27 lead, then this happened:


With Cal ahead 34-30, D'Amato added his 3rd FG to make it 37-30:

4th Quarter

Goff's arm kept us in the game:

PSU coaches called timeouts when needed:


The D shut out PSU in the 4th Quarter:

But Cal was shut out as well:

An ugly win is still a win:


Some observations from our readers & also CGB's resident superfan:



A breakdown of Jared Goff's day:

Coach Dykes' post-game speech in the locker room:

Press Conference

CGB got a question in [at 8:56]:

Odds & Ends

A view of the stadium from the box - an hour after the clock hit 0:00:


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