Cal vs. Northwestern: Notes From The Press Box

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sonny Dykes Era at Cal officially began Saturday with a tough 44-30 loss to Northwestern. CGB had the privilege of observing the debut of Jared Goff & the Bear Raid from the Memorial Stadium press box. Let's take a look at some of the comings-and-goings on selected social media - including Twitter & the CGB open threads.

On Saturday, we witnessed the debut of Sonny Dykes, Jared Goff, and the Bear Raid.  But we also entered a brave new world of sorts at CGB.  Following some recent developments, we managed to find our way into the press box for the 2013 season.  CGB for the win!

Yes folks, CGB attained a media credential for football season, meaning:  a seat in the box during home games and access to post-game & mid-week press conferences.  Many thanks to Cal Athletics and Coach Dykes [and staff] for embracing social media and making this possible.  We also salute (HT's all around) our peerless readers (CGB community) & fearless leaders (Avi, Twist, Kodiak), and lest we forget, our intrepid reporter Nam for his great work throughout fall camp!

The result:  this new weekly series - morning-after-home-game posts - which will evolve as the season progresses.  We'll continue to live-tweet & comment from the press box.  We also hope to include post-game press conference Q&A and potentially player & coach interviews.  We want you - our readers - to be involved!  So please let us know in the comments, if you have any critiques or suggestions.

This week's post will focus on the interactions we observed and participated in during the game, via Twitter and CGB open threads - highlighting relevant tweets and the best "green" comments by our readers.  Before we get to the action, here are some post-game stories & video for context:

Vlad Belo's game recap / norcalnick's post-game thoughts / Grant Marek's Goff Watch

Jeff Faraudo's blog / Hunter Hewitt's blog / Uncle Ted's blog

Now onto the tweets & comments [please let us know if you'd like your comment removed from the list]:


Nice touch by Rally Comm:

Take off that red shirt:

Section S/SS was ready early:

While Redonk & Atoms were in mid-season form:



1st Quarter

Sonny won us over quickly:


A convo with our neighbor in the box:

Beastmode beastmoding on the sideline:

2nd Quarter

The defense had a rough 1st half:


A convo with another neighbor:

The first of several bad breaks (Bigs' TD overturned on review):

Blue & GOLD:

3rd Quarter

After halftime adjustments, Goff was on fire in the 3rd Quarter:


Chris Harper was too:

ManBearCal was super cereal:


Every day really should be Saturday:


And the beginning of Injurygate 2013:


4th Quarter

Former Cal beat reporter (for CBS Sports) John Breech was in the stands:

Regarding halftime adjustments on defense:


Coach Fitz has some 'splainin to do:


And so do the Pac-12 refs:



No breaks for Cal, because well... Cal:



After the clock hit all zeros:




National media had good things to say about Cal & made NW Injurygate an instant story overnight:

Local media took note as well:

Press Conference

We'll have more editorial integrity next Saturday:

We had a list of questions prepared:


Some of them were answered by Dykes, Goff, and Treggs:

Odds & Ends

The post-game handshake was.... awkward:

The tweets from the box were fast & furious!  Live-tweeting at Bear Raid tempo = banishment to Twitter jail starting in the 4th Quarter:

Obligatory press box photo:

[shoutout to Avi, RedonkulousBear, and Scientist019, and others for their help with the tweet-embedding, GIF-making, and social media savvy; special thanks to Cal's social media ninja Sundeep Dhillon and Twitter's Twitter guru Aaron Moy for their online advocacy]

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