DBD 8.6.13 Sharknado or: What a Short Strange Trip It's Been

So a lot of you know, but for those of you who don't, I'll spare the suspense. My brother-in-law is the director of Sharknado. What's that? You haven't heard of Sharknado? Then, you need to up your Interwebz game (seriously. just google it).

Here's an executive summary of what I've been through over the past three weeks as a result of the cultural phenomenon that is Sharknado:

  • Bro-in-law has been writing and directing B-movies for SyFy channel and independently for years
  • Gets hired to direct Sharknado, a story based on a title thrown out in a brainstorming meeting; sharks, tornados, enough said.
  • Movie gets a lot of buzz going into Cannes Film Festival, high profile media outlets like Forbes and The New Yorker explore the production company behind SyFy's shark movies
  • Sharknado debuts, bro-in-law decides to live tweet during the movie to answer what he though would be a dozen or so questions using #Sharknado
  • #Sharknado becomes the number one trending topic on Twitter that night; world makes jokes, has fun; we laugh along with them; CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, FOX, etc. calls and my bro-in-law asks for my help handling media since I'm in PR
  • Media starts beating down my bro-in-law's door; Sharknado viewership increases by at least 500K every time they re-air it
  • 500+ news stories are written about the phenomenon
  • SyFy decides to premiere the movie theatrically on 200+ screens across the country last Friday; The movie sells out in New York, Boston, Chicago and LA (they added another showing in New York)
  • SyFy throws a cast and crew party before the LA screening; as the director's publicist, I'm naturally invited (along with the rest of the family)
  • The result? I've got some photos with people I never thought I'd ever meet:



Me, my bros and Tara Reid (golden oso's comment to this post on Facebook was "motor boat". I concur)



Me, my brothers and Ian Ziering

Anyway, that's my brush with what it's like to be in the middle of an international sensation (it's spread to the UK, Australia and soon more countries). How crazy. And now, we're moving on to Sharknado II...

Can someone help me with links? I've got to finish something for work tonight. Totes preesh!

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