Cal Football: Brendan Bigelow compares Pierre Ingram & Ron Gould, other RBs

Brendan Bigelow opens up to Lindsay Brauner about advice from past Cal greats, the young up-and-comers, the tricks behind his recovery, and his thoughts on his RB coaches at Cal. Plus, the debut of a special guest star!

Thanks to Leland Wong for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hi, it's Lindsay Brauner here with Brendan Bigelow. You're on the sidelines, unfortunately. How is that for you, watching the team, especially for a new regime?

Brendan Bigelow (BB): It's pretty bad. Just watching them out there, running around and stuff, it's great. I feel like a coach sometimes when I'm out there, coaching the guys up, but I'd rather be on the field.

LB: What do you do to give your teammates advice?

BB: I tell them to hold onto the ball, get your pads low, run through those guys, and be physical.

LB: What's the best piece of advice you got from former running backs like Isi Sofele?

BB: Hold onto the ball and keep your pads low. That's it.

LB: That's the key to success?

BB: When you're running the ball.

LB: And being the fastest guy on the field.

BB: See, that's a different story. That comes with something else.

LB: Are you still the fastest guy on the field?

BB: Of course. Always gonna be.

LB: Not right now though--you're a little injured.

BB: I'm still the fastest.

LB: Still?!

BB: Still.

LB: Do you feel confident in your ability to bounce back, even under this offense where it's heavily reliant on conditioning?

BB: Yeah, this is basically the same offense I ran in high school, so regardless of me being hurt, I'm still gonna bounce back because I'm gonna work my butt off ten times as hard. I should be all right.

LB: What is the key to getting back in shape after an injury?

BB: Run stairs.

LB: Run these stairs in the stadium?

BB: Yeah.

LB: How many stadium stairs do you do?

BB: I try to do half.

LB: And you get all of that in how much time?

BB: I've never really timed myself; I run them just for fun.

LB: That sounds like fun. *laughing*

BB: It's not, but if you want to get better, you would do it.

LB: Do you feel a responsibility to take some of the younger guys under your wing, even as you're watching from the sidelines?

BB: Yeah, being that big brother because I know some of that stuff they're going through, I went through myself as a freshman.

LB: Who are some of the most promising younger players?

BB: We got Jeff Coprich and Jonah [Hodges] and another guy coming in, probably in the fall.

LB: Which of the players do you think has adjusted best to the new offense?

BB: I would say all the running backs. Jeff has been doing a really good job. Jonah and Darren Ervin have all been doing a good job.

LB: What are the differences between Coach [Ron] Gould and Coach [Pierre] Ingram?

BB: Coach Ingram is more aggressive, like "go for it." Coach Gould is more laid-back, kind of just looking at things; he's not as aggressive as Coach Ingram.

LB: Thanks so much, Brendan. I hope you get better soon.

BB: Of course I will.

Coach Pierre Ingram (PI): Give the camera a mean face. Give ‘em a mean face!

LB: Come in here! Aww!

PI: There it is! That's what I'm talking about! Football players!

PI: Say "bye" to ‘em! Give ‘em a big kiss! No, give ‘em a good one!

*Bigelow blows kisses back*

LB: That was such a good one! Bye Berkley!

BB: Call me! She's looking at me!

LB: You want Coach Ingram's two-year-old daughter to give you a call?

BB: Call me! It's not like that.

LB: Oh, you mean like hang out and watch some Lion King later?

BB: Yup.

LB: Yeah?

BB: All of that, all of that! Lion King--all of that!

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