The exhilarating conclusion to our chat with Cameron Jordan!

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

With personality like this, it baffles me as to how NFL scouts were so impressed with his charisma.

Cameron Jordan talks Cal football, the NFL and more (via Lindsay Brauner)

Lindsay Braunder (LB): Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Cameron Jordan. Cam, thanks for joining us.

Cameron Jordan (CJ): Thanks for having me. it's a pleasure to be here. Wonderful city.

LB: Is it nice to be back in the Bay?

CJ: Of course it is. This is where I started off my college career and this is where I like to come back, and I have a couple guys who are coming out for this pro day in the next two weeks or so, so it's an exciting time in Berk.

LB: What was your original interest in coming to Cal?

CJ: My original interest in coming to Cal was to enjoy the beautiful city that is Cal. I mean, there's Berkeley, there's Oakland, San Francisco. So many sights to see. So many places to go. There's Marin. Walnut Creek. Dansville.

LB: I think it's "Danville." No "s."

CJ: Are you sure about this?

LB: I'm pretty sure.

CJ: Because I know a guy named Dan in Danville, so therefore, it'd be Dansville.

LB: When you were at Berkeley, what was the biggest challenge for you, intellectually or athletically?

CJ: Of course, the biggest challenge is always just finding the correct balance of school and sports, and trying to find some sort of median where you can do both at a high rate.

LB: What was it like growing up with an NFL-star dad?

CJ: You don't really notice such things until later on in life. He's just Dad; he goes to work like everybody else's dad goes to work. The only difference is, I got to go to his job quite more often than the next kid.

LB: What's your relationship like with your position coach, Tosh Lupoi-or, old position coach?

CJ: Great. I talked to him a couple weeks ago. I was really sad to see him go because he developed a lot of D-linemen, and he's a technician at what he does, and I definitely honor his craft. But I understand that sometimes you have to move on, such as I had to move on from Cal and went to the Saints and still come back to Cal. I hope one day Coach Lupoi will come back to Cal; maybe we'll see that in his future, if we can get him back.
(Ed.: It pains me to have to transcribe that. I feel so dirty.)

LB: What's it like to be a first-round NFL draft pick? Do you feel more financially secure in your future than most young players?

CJ: I feel honored and blessed to be a first-round pick. Finances-can't really complain about that part, but honestly, it's just the appreciation you get from being such a high-level pick that really spurs on the motivation to keep going. It's nice to be a first-round pick, but that's not going to keep you in the league, that's just going to get you there.

LB: What's the hardest thing about playing in the NFL?

CJ: Playing in the NFL.

LB: That...seems a little bit tautological.

CJ: I mean, that sort of sums it up. NFL, acronym being "not for long."

LB: What second career outside of the NFL would you consider?

CJ: I will be a PE teacher one day.

LB: Oh, I remember you telling me that, like, a year ago! You're really sticking to that?

CJ: I've been talking about it since I was 17. NFL. PE teacher.

LB: You just love kids, don't you?

CJ: Mm hmm. They're fun.

LB: How many pairs of socks did you buy the other day?

CJ: I don't know. I didn't buy any socks the other day.

LB: Who bought them?

CJ: I'm sponsored by Nike. So... I got them for free.

[That's all folks! If you're the kind of fool who missed the previous entries in the series, parts one and two can be found here.]

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